Telephone, Cyber and Doorbell Scams Explored

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from: Longevity Explorers | SF Village

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Discussion Summary

Explorer Steve speaks about computer scams, including one brought to his attention by his neighbor who complained that a message would periodically appear on her computer screen telling her that her computer was infected, and to call the number in the message to get help in clearing her computer.

Once she called and provided her credit card numbers, the 'service' cleared up the virus - only to have the process repeated in weeks for another charge.

Steve warns how persuasive such callers can be, and not to be taken in by someone masquerading as Microsoft or Apple or give them your credit card information.

Another member reports suspicious email from a friend who is stranded overseas or other remote location and needs money.

Others report that emails from banks or other institutions asking for personal data are suspect, since legitimate banking institutions do not ask for such information by email.  

Scams can also be 'in person', as steve explains when telling the members about a recent incident of somene posing as a utility worker wanting access to someone's home 'to look for a gas leak'. Although the worker left a convincing card to call for an appointment, it turned out to be an imposter.

Phone calls collecting money for the IRS and threatening an arrest warrant remind the group that constant vigilance is the order of the day. In essence, the group feels that an educational seminar would be very helpful to elders everywhere.

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from the San Francisco Village circle discussion May 3rd, 2016.


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