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The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate a talking bible.


Product Evaluation: Talking Bible

9 Evaluators


Product Description:

An easy-to-use, rugged hand-held portable Bible. As easy to operate as a radio, battery operated and not able to be erased. It works like a wonder for the elderly, children, people with dyslexia or other disabilities and those with vision impairments to their dose of Scriptures.

Cost: $49.99


Practicality/Usefulness 2.6/3


  • A wonderful idea/product,, but I feel it could be frustrating for people with vision problems – very small item. Instructions are in print that is too small.
  • Very good for vision impaired who can’t use smart phone
  • Too small for old hands to manipulate. Button sound is good; voice easy to follow.
  • Very good for population who can’t access Bible via smartphone apps.
  • Good for poor eyesight
  • Good tool for someone who can’t read, but buttons are small for unsighted person
  • Very affordable and convenient size and good sound
  • This is good for someone who has a sighted person to read the directions


Effectiveness 2.9/3


  • Very good for someone who can use it.
  • Very good, very clear and loud. I like the sound and it is easy to carry.
  • Great idea but is it user friendly for arthritic hands?
  • Sound is good; it’s easy to carry
  • Good reader voice
  • Directions should have larger print so whoever helps the person could
  • Good for vision impaired
  • The sound is good; easily heard and of good quality


Senior Friendly Design 1.6/3


  • Printed directions are too small. Dials could be confusing. Adaptions needed. I would need initial help to use it.
  • Needs to be a bit bigger. Buttons should be different colors. It doesn’t need the internet
  • Buttons are very small; possible color-code the buttons to differentiate.
  • Small print in instructions, and buttons
  • Portability is nice if that is Important. Maybe too small for many people.
  • Buttons seem small; will take time to learn it
  • Directions too small; need “cast-in” symbols in case in order to ID the functions
  • The size of the book makes it necessary to have small controls.


Is Portable Yes: 9 No: 0. Maybe: 0


Would purchase Yes: 7 No: 1 Abstain: 1


  • Once you learn how to operate it, it is easy to navigate. There is a learning curve.
  • This Bible does not appear to resume “where you left off” when you switch from the Old to the New Testament, or vice-versa (unless we missed how to do that); Instructions are too small.
  • Price is reasonable & doesn’t prohibit buying one.
  • Good value for the money

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