Suit Yourself: Different Pill Boxes Meet Different Needs

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from: Longevity Explorers | Saratoga Retirement Community

Discussion Summary

Saratoga Retirement Community Explorers discuss the pros and cons of a variety of pill storage and dispensing devices.

The group is introduced to a wide variety of pill containers and dispensers, large and small, simple and complex and discuss them as the products are passed around the table for examination.

Here are some of the questions and comments from the group:

  • How do you know how to use them?
  • Small is better. I can't imagine using the big heavy one. 
  • Multi compartments per day 'are for hypochondriacs'. 
  • One has thirty 'day drawers', each with four compartments for dosage by time of day. 
  • Some of them are removable if one is going out for the day. 
  • Some have voice prompts to take pills as programmed. 

One aspect emerges as a real problem for some members, and that is the challenge associated with filling the larger dispensers as well as difficulty in programming the automated models: 

  • Dispensers are hard to set up and program.
  • My children refill mine according to dose and time of day.   
  • Setting date and time is important. It works if it is set up right. 
  • Clock and alarm prompts may be good for people with memory issues, but what if you are out for the day?
  • I get completely confused, and call  my daughter to straighten it out. 
  • I have difficulty keeping the timing of prescription refills straight. Reorder dates can be confusing.

The group is pleasantly surprised that the cost of the products ranged from under ten dollars to eighty dollars for the dispenser models. They are also glad to know that some types of pill boxes have Braille markings for low vision, or red or green signals for those with impaired hearing. Aesthetics matter, as one member prefers ones that are less clinical in appearance. They notice that simple ones can be hard to open, and multiple packs are needed for multi-week trips.

In conclusion, the group agrees that one's choice depends on what one's problems are.


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