Shirley Cites Packaging Conundrums

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Hear this discussion from our Longevity Explorers — circles of older adults who meet monthly to explore solutions to the challenges that come with aging.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer Shirley points out that the instructions to use a set of hangers are printed on the back of the package, which must be torn off to open and remove the hangers (thus destroying the instructions). From last month's discussion, she reports on the use of a sharp bladed tool that is a good package opener.

Member highlights:

  • Shampoo/conditioner bottle labels with fonts too small to tell the containers apart in the shower without glasses. 
  • Rx bottle instructions use smaller and smaller font or type color on a background that makes it difficult to read. 
  • Staff ID badges tend to feature names too small - yet with facility names larger than necessary.

One member suggests that older adults carry a portable magnifier -  while another recalls a smartphone app that serves the need.

Off topic, but worth mentioning: Many older adults are annoyed or even discouraged by younger customer service representatives who speak too fast to be clearly understood. All agree that there is much room for improvement.





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