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Hear this discussion from our Longevity Explorers — circles of older adults who meet monthly to explore solutions to the challenges that come with aging.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

At the start of the San Francisco Explorers' September meeting, members responded to a call for topics of interest to begin the fall season.


Tips: Emergency Room Visits

Lynn poses the question "What can one expect during a visit to a hospital Emergency Department (E.R.)?" Answers from the group were varied, but mostly amounted to 'it depends':

  • YouTube clips are a good source of E.R. information
  • Wait time? Twelve hours or two minutes – they don’t tell you.
  • Wait time depends on the severity of injuries that arrive before or after you do.

Another member asks whether it is better to seek transport by cab, by ambulance, or from a neighbor. Usually, it depends on the situation (minor vs. major condition). If self-driven, parking can be an issue, and it is best not to take the chance that some event will occur along the way. If in doubt, call an ambulance. Other advice: 

  • Paramedics respond quickly in urban environments and take emergencies to the nearest hospital that can treat the condition
  • Call your advice nurse. They may send an ambulance based on the phone assessment.

Community Emergency Response Training is available in most localities and helps provide answers to most questions about how to handle emergencies.


How Tourism Changes with Age

Members discuss some of the factors they face when traveling at age:

  • Mobility "I am not so good on cobblestone streets anymore."
  • Inclement weather (especially 100+ degrees out, smoggy air quality.
  • Crowded, can't keep up with a youthful travel group.

Some ways to enjoy the beauty of travel destinations without the physical challenges include:

  • Google Arts and Culture  
    • Drone clips – Taj Mahal, move slowly, high definition, stay in place, zoom in.
    • Google Earth
    • Pierre Bonnard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOboAprGR6M
  • Virtual Reality tours - Best Friends Sanctuary in Morehead, Utah  https://www.bestfriends.org/sanctuary/virtual-reality-tour
  • Travel with a companion vs. alone
    • Stitch.net
    • Alumni groups
    • Other club affiliations
    • Professional Flying Companions https://www.flyingcompanions.com


What's The Best Internet Connection?

Steve says connectivity matters and is important now that we are all locked at home and logging on to Zoom meetings. Consider:

  • Ethernet connection to the modem, since Wi-Fi is more prone to problems.
  • Place the computer closer to the router.
  • Get more people connected to broadband (“Digital divide”).
  • Wi-Fi ‘extenders’ to increase range within the home.
  • Search for help in YouTube ‘streaming’ clips.
  • Tech support would help.



The Transition from Career to Retirement

Many people’s identities are wrapped up in either a profession or the definition of themselves as working in a particular type of job. Loss of a job can mean loss of identity, hence the term retired is loaded with negativities such as ‘letting go”.

When the group was asked for a show of hands – How many are retired? 100%. And in retirement, how many are still working? 50%. Here are some additional comments from members:

  • Remember - We are not ‘formerly’ anything – we are right here, right now.
  • The transition took a full year before launching into retirement life.
  • Make it something you look forward to – visualize the new reality – a new beginning.
  • Hobbies: baseball, gardening, and many more.
  • Volunteering at something absorbing, committee work
  • Planning ahead
  • "Repotting" skills from one venue to another in order to grow – it's a continuation.
  • Read Transitions by William Bridges 

Most agree that the transition is easier when one engages in activities that include younger people, so as to stay in touch culturally and technologically.


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