Senior Living: Get Ready... Go! (or Not).

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

San Francisco Explorers discuss what they would like to see - or what they must do to prepare - as they consider a move to a senior living community or decide to stay at home instead. The great majority - even those who start planning early and who can afford to move to an older adult community - still prefer to remain in their home. Here are some of the discussion points:


The Overwhelming Preference is to Stay at Home, When Possible.

Here are some of the resources mentioned by members to help remain in a homelike setting:   

  • Senior Centers offer social opportunities, activities, and support services.
  • Living Alternatives: Cottage Clusters/Co-Housing/NORCs/Affinity-Based Housing 
  • The Village Movement: Local membership organizations with resources and social opportunities for those staying home


How Do I Prepare for the Changes that Accompany Aging?

  • Overcome the tendency (I'm not ready yet) to deny the changes that occur with age. 
  • Build a 'Team' of trusted advisors to assist in decision making. 
  • Plan home modifications for mobility and safety.
  • Adopt tech devices to augment hearing and vision.
  • Join a concierge health provider network for more personal medical attention.


Considering a move to Community Living (CCRC, Assisted Living, Active Adult Living)? 

  •  Pros: Freedom from home maintenance, housekeeping, and cooking. Safety, social activities, and health services available. 
  • Cons: Diminished privacy, inevitable changes in management, fees and services, restrictive regulations - especially in times of contagion. 
  • How Do I Choose the Right Place for Me? Affordability, reputation, social atmosphere, medical services, urban vs. rural, weather and climate, resident services, I.T. support, etc.


The Bottom Line: What's Most Important to You?

A wise approach is to make decisions based on your situation in life with inevitable changes taken into account. Before making a move, consider several options, visit and spend some time with current residents at those places. Ask questions, and always keep in mind what might happen in later years if your decision is to stay at home.



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