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The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate a day clock designed for seniors with memory loss.


Product Evaluation: Robin Day Clock

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Day, date and reminder alarm clock designed for seniors and for those with memory loss. Ultimate clarity. The 8-inch crystal clear high definition color display ensures a sharp, crisp image displaying the full color spectrum with a 170 degree viewing angle that can be seen from all sides of the room.

Cost: $89.95


Practicality/Usefulness 2.5/3


  • Almost too many choices for an 80-90 year old
  • Print size not adjustable; cumbersome to enter individual selections; print in direction book is too small
  • Would work well for a caregiver or someone who has weak organizational skills
  • Good written instructions
  • Not for seniors unless someone pre-programs for them
  • Good if you need to be reminded
  • Good for people in nursing home or who have beginnings of dementia
  • Too difficult to program


Effectiveness 2.5/3


  • An “Alexa” would be more effective & more flexible; control buttons should be colored (differently)
  • Would be helpful for someone with early dementia if caregiver set it up. Reminders are very versatile and easy to personalize
  • In a given situation, to enable a stay-at-home person stay there, if pre-programmed.
  • Again, good for people in nursing home; not for active seniors


Senior Friendly Design 1.8/3


  • Only if Senior is able to understand all the choices which might be overwhelming!
  • Easy to operate
  • Touch or vocal directions would be better and easier (less confusion than arrows)
  • Up/down buttons are a throwback to computers before touch screens
  • No. Not all seniors have computers to find directions. Too technical for many seniors.
  • Small print
  • Very simple and easy to use, but you need someone to program it for you
  • Not


Item is Portable Yes: 5 No: 5


Would purchase Yes: 2 No: 6 Abstain: 2


  • For specific conditions. i.e. beginning of Alzheimer's disability.
  • Printing in the info book is too small for old eyes
  • Print directions not in same size
  • I do not need this; I do many of its tasks with other things
  • Must always be plugged in
  • Directions for setting up in large print, very good; but for pages with all of the options to be set up the print was much smaller
  • Probably useful for patients in nursing care, to keep on schedule


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