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from: Longevity Explorers | Robots, Smart Home, AI

Discussion Summary

The first meeting of the Longevity Explorer Circle: Smarthomes, Robots, AI took place on May 24, 2022. We discussed the plans for the circle and did two "segments" on problems, use cases and products to get started. This segment was about "Social" (see the definition below).

This discussion was focused on:

Smart Homes, Robots and AI that can help with cognitive and emotional things, like staying in touch with friends, reminding us when we forget something, helping with feelings like loneliness, helping to care for someone with dementia. 


Here is the summary of what we discussed.


The needs: 

  • Electronic medical records (EMR) are cumbersome to follow and focus less on actionable steps for the patient. Although system change and adoption of standardized EMR is challenging, perhaps AI can offer a way to interpret lengthy notes and produce patient friendly reports

  • Privacy and security issues often pose challenges for mass use of products like Alexa, google home or Echo Show. There is a void for risk analysis that can be accessed by consumers before they decide on the use of such products. A product evaluation or assessment metric with risk analysis for privacy would be a helpful task to undertake.

  • Falls (mitigate damage as a result of falls) continues to be a major issue that needs reliable products

  • An idea for a  range of products that respond to mobility issues, from motorized devices to autonomous vehicles that can act as (self driving) shuttles on campus

  • Loneliness- Mitigating the gap for social connection for people with immunocompromised states or people with mobility issues. More virtual social connections apps or platforms are needed. 



The products

  • VR goggles currently a product at the brink of exploration in the industry. MyndVR, Rendever, Oculus. 

  • Elliq - similar to Alexa and also initiates conversation

  • PERS- Personal emergency response systems see more on Tech-enhanced Life about this topic

  • Use of hologram technology to make friends 

  • Zoom has optimized use of filters and background features to enhance the visual experience of older adults and making it less daunting to speak with someone across screens.



Plans for the Summer, 2022

After the success of the first meeting that generated a lot of helpful dialogue about the needs of older adults as well as products that are recommended or desirable, the workgroup will be sending out a data collection form over the summer for participants to provide additional input in the needs and products database.  Once the data is collected, categorization of information will help inform the focus of future meetings of this longevity explorer circle.


Know of a Product we should Evaluate, or a "Problem that Needs Solving"?




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