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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

SF Longevity Explorers discuss the pros and cons of a variety of (simple) pill holders, boxes and organizers.

We brought along a number of the pill holder products that have emerged as being "promising" from prior discussions, plus some new ones. And the explorers interacted with them and then we discussed them.

We summarize the findings about this type of product, from this and other explorer discussions, in "Pill Boxes and Pill Organizers: Recommendations". (We include links to Amazon in that article so you can find the products if you want them).

Below are some of the key points about each product.


Pill Holder Discussion, San Francisco Explorers


The Basic Pill Holders

Basic Pill Boxes

These basic pill holders are the "starting place" for this category of products. (See them on Amazon here and here [affiliate links]).

Listen to the discussion from the beginning until 08:48 to hear comments about these pill holders, and some other similar products that the explorers use.

The explorers also touch on Apps, and Apple's iPhone capability for hosting your list of medications.


Turtle Electronic Pill Holder

Turtle Pill Box with alarm

In general, explorers don't like pill holders with alarms: too complicated, heavy, needs batteries which need changing.

Several explorers had positive comments about the size of the pill compartments and the less-clinical aspects of its appearance.

Listen to the discussion from 08:48 to 15:06 to hear the pluses and minuses of this product in the eyes of the explorers.


MedCenter Pill Organizer with Alarm


Explorers think this is too large for them. Maybe it would work better for situations where caregivers are involved? Generally, this seemed designed for "someone else" to these older adults.

The compartments seemed hard to open.

In separate testing, the clock (which you can also buy as a stand alone product) was especially loud, and relatively easy to program).

Hear the details from 15:06 until 20:00.




There was some definite lack of enthusiasm for this one.

  • It's rather large and heavy.
  • The containers have multiple sub-compartments, which explorers think is a bad idea.
  • A plus is that each total container is quite large, so can handle many pills.

In some separate testing, we found the clock on this one especially hard to program and manage. We kept pressing the wrong buttons. And the font size is very small as are the buttons.

Hear the details from 20:00 until 24:15.


The GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser (Med-E-Lert)

GMS Pill dispenser

This product is really in a different category than the prior ones. It is much more than a "simple pill holder", actually dispensing pills according to a specific schedule. 

Explorers liked the ergonomics and cosmetics more than the prior products.

Some of them thought it was "too complicated" for them.

Hear the discussion from 24:15 until 32:30.


General Discussion

From 32:30 until the end, the discussion became more general about medications, and included some discussion of power outages and "Go bags".




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