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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

'Photo Sharing as a Tool for Social Engagement' is the topic under discussion in the San Francisco Explorer group. This is specially intended to discover ways to chat with family members you can't just drop in on.


What Works for Some

What if your parents are not keen on Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

  • Google Home or Echo Show: Create a photo album - plug and play photos from your library. 
    • Susan: "I like the Google Home, and I just use it to view shared photos."
    • Drawback: It is a one-way device - how can it be more interactive?
  • Louise: Crowdsource images from family and friends. One family member solicits others to send pictures of a certain family event - then makes a slide show with captions and music to be shown at a future family get-together.
  • Barbara: Often records a lot of photos of plated food at restaurants and events like birthdays and other special occasions (even images of grocery items that she likes while shopping.)  She sends them from her phone's photo library to her computer, then forwards them to family and friends.
  • John: Phone photos sent via text message to receive an answering message back from the person receiving it.
  • Marty: E-mails a photo along with a written message, later to be put together in a book.
    • Family searches and shares from Google photos.
    • Photo Books ordered from Facebook (in a Jan.-Dec. annual aggregation of the year's photos)


Other Comments  

  • Steve: "I post photos on Facebook from time to time."
  • Lynn hired a genealogist to compile 3-ring binders of family photos, along with life stories and related documents to be digitized later for family sharing.
  • Another member suggests sending photos to Shutterfly to be made into a book (with a 'ship to' option for sending the book as a gift). But there can be a problem with latency, and no 2-way communication.
  • Barbara mentions FotoUS, which she says makes cards for mailing from photos.


Questions Raised

  • My brother doesn't stay current with his email and has to be prompted to look for the photos I send him.
  • Why don't men seem to take or send pictures as often as women? Are women more sociable than men?

Toward the end of the discussion, a member asks how can one share photos on Echo Show. For the benefit of readers, there is an article on the Tech-enhanced Life website: Photos on Echo Show




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