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The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate a personal amplifier to help with hearing.



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Product Description:

A communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations. Designed to be easy to use with large, tactile controls.

Cost: $200.00


Practicality/Usefulness 2.4/3


  • Very useful in specific situations, especially in small group settings, or home alone for the TV
  • Price is very affordable compared to hearing aids.
  • Definitely increases volume of sound and picks up sounds across the room.
  • A good choice for hearing needs that are not as necessary as regular hearing aids.


Effectiveness 2.3/3


  • Definitely amplified the sound. But if it’s quiet, sometimes a shushing sound is louder than the actual voice.
  • Range of settings seemed adequate, but I’d like to evaluate against my typical hearing environments; the test room had poor acoustics.
  • Amplified well
  • It’s useful in church except for earphones.


Senior Friendly Design 2.5/3


  • Words by the buttons are small; perhaps have colors on buttons to differentiate.
  • Would like to see written instructions for use, or have a YouTube video tutorial to remind me of functions and options.
  • Simple to use; might be cumbersome to carry around.
  • Somewhat clumsy with wire storage of unit when taking it with you.
  • Simple design.


Item is Portable Yes


Would purchase Yes: 3 No: 4 Abstain: 2


  • Good tone control
  • Tried with and without hearing aids. The device amplified background noise also. Speech best heard with my hearing aids only.
  • Rechargeable would be better, some limited capacity to record and playback important conversations would be helpful.
  • I don’t have any hearing loss right now, but would probably get hearing aids.
  • Rechargeable batteries would be better
  • Since I have good hearing, I can’t find this good for me right now.



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