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from: Longevity Explorers | Virtual1

Discussion Summary

As 2021 arrived and vaccines started to become available, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle members were ready to discuss what they thought life would be like as they emerged from lock down. The resulting wide-ranging conversation had several threads including: the aspects of life that had been forever changed by the pandemic, things that members were eager to do once the lock down was lifted, positive behaviors developed or technologies learned during Covid that members wanted to keep as part of their lives, and the opportunities that change opened up for the future.

Members mentioned those things they hoped to do soon including, visiting family, dining at restaurant, traveling, attending sporting events, going to the barber, and volunteering.

Circle members discussed, in some detail, behaviors or technologies they hoped would stay as part of their future lives. Commented on were the use of Zoom and other video technologies, telemedicine, online grocery shopping, ecommerce, redefined workplaces, home fitness, online meetings, meal deliveries, and rich content material online.

That life has been forever changed by the pandemic experience seemed to be a given. Members agreed they no longer just take life for granted and sensitivity toward infectious disease was now in plain view.   Many of the changes were seen as constructive influences that could be carried into the future; for example, members hoped to hang on to more interaction with neighbors, balancing busyness with calm, fewer shopping trips, or increased use of technology by older adults.

As the result of Covid, members saw new opportunities to make societal or cultural adjustments that could be beneficial going forward. In the words of a member, now was a time in which the “opportunity to fix what is broken” could more easily occur. Perhaps, now we could address racial inequities, experiment with new forms of electronic payment, look for infrastructure fixes, such as improving indoor air quality, or take advantage of new entrepreneurial prospects.

Members recognized that some of the adjustments to Covid had affected many very negatively. Those who had lost jobs, or small businesses could not expect to easily recover. In fact, small businesses that lent color and character to many neighborhoods were now gone. Whether or not these could be replaced by a new generation seemed to be an open question.

All in all, the conversation by the Virtual1 group was an energetic one. Members looked at the future as a time to focus on the benefits that had emerged from the pandemic. They were optimistic about the changes that would continue to frame current life and eager to emerge from Covid restrictions.

Members also considered, during this session, concierge medicine and the use of medical AI applications.



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