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Discussion Summary

Members of the Passavant Circle can appreciate the challenges faced by those living with low vision as many of their friends, family members and neighbors are living with macular degeneration and other age related eye diseases.  For this reason we decided to evaluate a portable video magnifier.


Evaluation Score Sheet


Product Description:

Koolertron Portable Video Magnifier

A video magnifier is an electronic magnifier that uses a camera and screen to make text easier to read. This specific device is a high-definition video magnifier with high performance and high cost performance.

Cost: $199.99


Practicality/Usefulness          2/3



  • Hard to judge if you have no need
  • Needs a steady hand
  • Good for basic magnifying function. To take advantage of other functions would require a ‘helper’ to assist with training
  • Need a steady hand and agile fingers to activate buttons – especially those requiring 2 at a time
  • Useful if necessary


Effectiveness                  2.4/3



  • If you want to see a small area, i.e. medication
  • For folks with an advanced eye-disability


Senior Friendly Design    2.2/3



  • The size is good to fit in a purse
  • Indicators on keys – poor functioning
  • Voice prompt is helpful to zoom in and out
  • A little heavy for folks with minimum physical hand ability


Would purchase                          

No: 3; Maybe: 2



  • Item is too small to encourage frequent use when needing large and extra-large print
  • Needs a better function that the ‘curtain’ to maintain place on a page
  • If my vision needed this, it would limit how much magnifying it would allow me to see the printing on OC meds
  • Need to have a steady hand, best for special needs
  • I would buy it for a friend or relative




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