Jitterbug Flip Phone: Evaluated @ Passavant

from: Longevity Explorers | Passavant Community

Discussion Summary

The Passavant Explorers were interested in options for friends in need of a cell phone, but not interested in learning to use a smart phone. We spent some time interacting with the Jitterbug Flip - our opinions are listed below.  


Passavant Explorers Evaluation Summary: Jitterbug Flip Phone


Product Description:

An easy-to-use mobile phone designed with simplicity, ease of use and safety in mind. Some features include: bigger buttons, brighter screen, powerful speaker and a simplified menu.



Practicality/Usefulness    2.8/3                                                                                                                            


  • Easy to maneuver, texting however is more complicated – small letters, use of keyboard (touching numbers to get proper letters).


Effectiveness    3/3



Senior Friendly Design    3/3


  • Very easy to use; large keys
  • Good for calling/selecting various options
  • Good large numbers on dial and easy directions


Would purchase     5/5 evaluators



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