Internet Use Necessitates Privacy Protection

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from: Longevity Explorers | Saratoga Retirement Community

Discussion Summary

SRC Explorers are asked their views on the privacy trade offs which go with the benefits of access to Internet data. 

A member comments that she likes to keep it safe and simple -  i.e. no banking online - and also wonders why websites ask for one's location. Another reports that "Alexa is always listening, but it is not a worry to me". Explorer Helen asks, "Who would be interested?" and says that she loves banking online. She acknowledges that although privacy issues worry many people, she knows of no incidents among her acquaintences to date. 

One of the group reminds all that people can hack into the companies you buy from and that those companies often use customer data to create targeted ads using products you just bought, the discussion turns to adjusting privacy settings, removing cookies (or not? and editing one's browsing history. 

Turning to the subject of passwords:

  • Does it matter where stored? - local machine? Google? in an app? Apple? Yahoo?
  • "They are easy to change, but remembering them all is the challenge."
  • A suggested method: Build a password using three components - a word; a punctuation symbol; and four 4 digits; perhaps using the first three letters of the company or business name.

Discussion turned to listing passwords in a document stored on the computerIn a Doc in computer, but the member reported that one day the computer 'died' - so perhaps it is best to list passwords on a piece of paper.

No one came up with a perfect method, and there was concensus that there is ample opportunity for someone to develop a handy and helpful system for keeping track of passwords.



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