I Want to Do My Own Driving Evaluation

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer Ron frames the question: "How does one decide whether or not to continue driving?" Should it be one's self, or someone else?

Members discuss the 'stages of deciding' which they have observed in their own expeniences.

  • Who would you trust to do the driving skills evaluation?
  • Have family or friends brought up the subject of your driving?
  • Have you evaluated alternative resources for transportation?
  • What would have to change for you to give up driving?

Barriers to facing cessation of driving include: ego, habit, instant 'transportation gratification', denial of declining health status, lack of safety awareness, ignoring poor reflexes, and fear of failure.

Possible Solutions: confidential self-testing for sharpness, specific driving skill testing, and building the test function into the car's software .

Should it be one's self who decides, or someone else? The group concludes it should be a combination.


Listen to brainstorming about :"There should be an App for That" at minute 22:57.


Here are some of the key ideas from the brainstorming.

  • The "tool" (App) should provide an objective measurement of how well I am likely to drive / can actually drive.
  • It should be properly validated (ie there should be some proof it actually "works" beyond the claims of the manufacturer / developer).
  • The information should be private (i.e. for me, and not for others such as insurance companies or the government).
  • It would be great if it could watch my driving as I go along, and later tell me about errors or near misses.
  • Have it keep a time record of my abilities, and tell me how I am doing compared to last year. 
  • Have it tell me how my score compares to the norm for people like me. And to the general driving population.
  • Suggest things that need improving, and ways I can do better — including recommending courses etc if appropriate.
  • Have the App connect to the car's intelligence, and use that to help evaluate performance of the driver.
  • Let me get lower insurance rates, if I choose to share the results with my insurance company (but Iwant to decide whether or not to do that).
  • Ultimately, maybe this could be regulated or mandated, or become a tool used by the DMV.




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