How Many Devices Do I Need to Carry, Really?

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from: Longevity Explorers | Eskaton Village Carmichael

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Discussion Summary

Explorer Arthur starts the discussion with a question about smartphone email signatures and their differences across the variety of devices. The group quickly surmises that since the signature statements are not permanent, they can indeed be changed by the user to say anything desired.

Arthur goes on to say that he finds it hard to believe the length of email (or text) messages sent from smartphones, and the tedium of typing such long messages with thumbs on a tiny keyboard. The group is not enthused about typing with thumbs, nor learning to do so. One member has an iPad mini with a keyboard built into the case, which makes the typing of messages much more normal and comfortable for older users.

The group explores tablets with and without cell phone service, and with keyboards separate or on screen. Tablets that have cell service as well as an attached keyboard seem ideal, raising the question why anyone would need anything else - like a desktop or laptop computer. The answer is that some people like to have a large monitor to do certain types of work that would not be possible on a tablet device. The group realizes that there is such a duplication of function built into most devices that we may tend to carry more of them than we actually need to have.  

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from the Eskaton Village Carmichael circle discussion May 12th, 2016.


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