Hearing and Hearing Aids - Bayley July 2019

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from: Longevity Explorers | Cincinnati

Discussion Summary

Hearing and Hearing Aids - Bayley July 2019 by Longevity Explorers | Recent @ Cincinnati

Hearing and hearing aids are practical topics for our group because we received some feedback from the previous meeting about not being able to hear well.  As a group, we need to try and talk loudly and clearly; and also keep side conversations to a minimum.

Some hearing aid companies provide free hearing tests; some will also clean your ears for around $35.  However, in general, hearing aid prices are not cheap, and many insurance policies, including Medicare, typically do not cover it.

Some hearing presentations are more educationally oriented and give you a broader understanding and perspective of hearing in general, as well as options in the market.  Other presentations by companies are more sales-pitch oriented.  Maybe Bayley can arrange for an educational-style hearing aid presentation to be given for its members.  Is something like this possible for Bayley, getting someone to come in and educate us on hearing aids?

A number of hearing aid companies were mentioned, ranging from CostCo to Miracle Ear to smaller, more local (i.e., ‘mom and pop’) stores.  Some concern was raised about using a smaller store and their ability to be your hearing doctor for a long period of time.  Would they still be there for me in 10 years?

To some explorers, ‘word of mouth’ is the advertising that means the most to them when it comes to hearing aids.  

Other concerns about hearing aid and care included having trained audiologists and qualified technicians, how much they charge for replacement batteries, and possible insurance for losing a hearing aid.  One insurance policy that did include some coverage on hearing, helped cover battery replacements and also a one-time hearing aid replacement for a lost hearing aid.

In general, it seems like men are more affected by the stigma of hearing aids, and are also a little more reluctant to have their hearing checked.

Buying medications and other health accessories such as hearing aids tend to be much cheaper in Canada and possibly other countries too, relative to the U.S., which has more regulations, testing, and research that affect costs.


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