Gadget to Pull My Socks Up?

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer Lynn shows the group an EZ Pull Sock Aid which she has had in the closet since recovery from a recent surgery. The device has remained unused, according to her account, since she tried it upon her return home and found that it didn't work for her. She does suggest that someone might want this if they are having difficulty putting on compression stockings, which are much more snug than ordinary socks.

To use, place sock onto the device and roll the foot into the inside of it. Then pull by the cords on the sides until the sock has slid onto the foot. 

Joe volunteers to take one home after the meeting to help him put on his socks tonight, and will report  next meeting. "It will be a life saver if it works", he says, "one day I just couldn't put my socks on easily. I can no longer place one knee over the other to slip my socks on." Janet used one on the recommendation of her Occupational Therapist post hip surgery, and it worked well for her during the time that she couldn't bend over. Some other members offer insights:

  • Compression socks can be very difficult to pull on.
  • After Dan had a knee replacement, the hospital gave him an extended shoe horn to put on socks. 
  • Using it with a small foot is better than a big foot.
  • Need some upper arm strength for it to be helpful.
  • Post hip surgery patients seem the most common users (Knee replacement patients seem not to be using it).

Lynn gives the group a demonstration of the use of the device, and after a successful procedural period, exclaims "There you go".

However, in the apparent difficulty for anyone to clearly describe the proper method of use, it became apparent that without the instructions, it was only guessing.






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