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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

During this period of social distancing and isolation, SF Explorers consider which aspects of virtual connectivity they intend to continue to use after the mandated isolation is over.


What has worked for you?

Louise asks members to share what has worked well for them during the seclusion of the pandemic. She received a wide variety of responses:

  • Cultural venues offer programming in the arts
  • E-learning courses 
  • Participation in meetings
  • Concerts
  • Lectures
  • Entertainment, including films and games
  • Virtual museum docent tours
  • Chair yoga and other exercises
  • Telemedicine


Benefits of virtual participation in activities post-pandemic: 

  • No travel is required, which appeals to many.
  • No requirement to find parking.
  • Maintains socialization during a time of self-confinement.
  • Personal safety vs. leaving home in darkness and the fear of crime.
  • Virtual happy hour with friends.
  • Book and cinema club discussions.
  • Economic Roundtable meetings continue online.
  • Trade shows have gone virtual.
  • Church services can be viewed vs. in-person attendance.
  • Meditation, Tai Chi groups are continuing online.
  • Zoom at the  Opera or Symphony often offer a better view and sound quality than some in-person performances.
  • Multi-state cinema clubs with moderator and discussion.


Comments: Attractive features of virtual meetings

  • Virtual art discussions are more in-depth than walking through a museum. 
  • From a Designer: A virtual walk-thru avoids travel and contact when assessing a space.
  • Accessibility Tip: Use mirroring to cast the video to your TV. 
  • Inclusivity: People from far away can participate, and speakers worldwide can speak (vs. travel to a local venue).
  • One drawback - virtual meetings tend to lack the camaraderie of in-person gatherings. 
  • Mary prefers telemedicine's convenience and will probably keep it. 
  • Later: We'll likely see 'hybrid' meetings - virtual ones, plus occasional in-person meetings.


What do you do about working out during Covid?

  • Yoga online. 
  • Step counter - walking outdoors vs. gym exercise. 
  • YouTube senior exercises.
  • Home P.T. aftercare exercises.  


Zoom is the overwhelming favorite! 

Steve tells about being in a worldwide Zoom Ukelele playing group, and Susan is in a Zoom documentary discussion group. Hartmut says that he recently had an 80th birthday celebration with 40 people from countries around the world.  

Members report that virtual meetings are more efficient due to the facilitation and lack of cross-talk. All agree that Zoom brings people together.



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