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The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate a fire prevention system.


Product Evaluation: CookStop Fire Prevention System

8 Evaluators


Product Description:

A fire prevention product uses motion sensors while you are cooking in the kitchen. When CookStop senses that you have left the kitchen, it begins a countdown to shut off the stove. Coming back into the kitchen to check on your cooking will automatically reset the device’s countdown. If you forget that you have left the stove on, CookStop will automatically shut off the stove for you.

Cost: $389.00-$439.00


Practicality/Usefulness 2.8/3


  • Good for a person who uses stove for short cooking, like heating soup, boiling eggs, etc.
  • Could be useful, but need would need to be very specific.
  • This is good for people who are easily distracted. (I have boiled food dry and ruined a pan)
  • Especially for people with memory problems
  • I wonder about ease of orientation without a Youtube video


Effectiveness 2.5/3


  • Great for shutting off the stove.
  • We haven’t seen this one installed so I trust that it works as advertised.
  • Would be better if the beeper sound was specific to this item. Could the beeper be added to a 2ndfloor?
  • This was effective where it was placed
  • Sounds great
  • Looks effective at preventing fires


Senior Friendly Design 2.5/3


  • Perhaps have a flip-cover over the programming keys so as not to confuse seniors with memory issues, this way they would only see the cook/off buttons.
  • Seems to be
  • It doesn’t have to be set, just reset after it goes off.
  • Once programmed, easy to use
  • Arrows indistinct


Item is Portable Yes: No: X Maybe:


Would purchase Yes: 2 No: 5 No Response: 1


  • Does not need to be portable
  • I cook more with a microwave and toaster oven; I only cook breakfast (eggs) on the range.
  • Could it also have a wearable speaker so a senior could hear it if they are upstairs or outside?
  • I don’t need this now


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