Best Toenail Clippers for Older Adults

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Discussion Summary

Finding the right toenail clippers to work for an older adult has been a recurring discussion topic among circle members. We have narrowed down the array of possible nail clippers and tools to a short list that seem promising for hands-on evaluation.

Please look these over, and if you try one out please comment at the bottom on your experience or come along to our circle discussions and share what you learned.

The key issues our members are trying to solve with these devices are:

  • thick hard to cut toenails;
  • difficulty reaching the toe;
  • arthritic hands making operation of the clippers hard;
  • toes that are bent or otherwise not "as usual" due to conditions like arthritis.

NOTE: We have no financial interest in any of these products.*


Candidate 1: Long Reach Nail Clipper


 View details on manufacturers website

Candidate 2: Rotary Nail Clipper

 Rotary nail clipper

 View details on Amazon's website

Candidate 3: Nail clipper with wide jaws for thick nails

 High leverage nail clippers

 View details on Amazon's website

Candidate 4: Podiatrist Mycotic toenail clippers

 Mycotic toenail clippers

 View details on Amazon's website

Candidate 5: More long-handled nailclippers

Long handled nail clippers

View details on Amazon's website

Candidate 6: Large toenail clipper with magnifier

toenail clipper with magnifier

View details on Amazon's website



*Note: If you click on the links accompanying each the images above, you will be taken to Amazon (or the manufacturer), where you can read more about each product and buy them if you want. [Disclosure: If you end up buying one from Amazon after clicking on these links, Amazon gives us a few pennies from their revenues.]


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