Customer Interaction with Older Adults

Longevity Explorers provide feedback on prototypes of UCSF Brainhealth Games


Iterate faster to products seniors want

Don't waste time and money developing the wrong thing. With the help of the Longevity Explorer community of older adults and our analyst team you can:

  • explore and research unmet needs;
  • get help critiquing product concepts and evaluating prototypes; and
  • get ongoing rapid feedback as you iterate toward problem-solution fit. 

Below are some specific interaction models we use — aligned with different stages in the product development life cycle. We are also happy to develop custom engagement interactions to solve your specific problem.


Which Customer Interaction Model?

It depends on the stage of product development you are at. See examples below.





Longevity Explorers

Insights for Innovators from Older Adults

The Longevity Explorers are exploring how older adults do things today (current practice), and the pain points — where better products or services would be really valuable. Every week we learn more. You can learn with us.



Credibility: Explorer Validation

Commission a "First Look" Evaluation

A "First Look" Evaluation involves a structured and facilitated interaction by a group of Longevity Explorers, who will interact with a product for a specific period of time in a group discussion setting and render their "first impressions". This is designed to be a way to get a quick, and relatively inexpensive readout on "what real customers think" about your product or service.



Explore Unmet Needs for Older Adults: Value Milestones

Explore the Unmet Needs of Older Adults

To explore the unmet needs of older adults, tap into the accumulated life experiences and wisdom of older adults themselves: our Longevity Explorer community.



Evaluate Problem-Solution Fit, Products for Seniors

Evaluate Problem-Solution Fit

Iterate faster to problem-solution fit. Save time and money. It's never too early to get feedback from real potential customers about whether or not your "concept" is something they will want and need.



Longevity Explorer Workshop

Longevity Explorer Workshops

Longevity Explorer workshops are custom, facilitated, group discussions of older adults on a topic relevant to a specific client company. They can also be hands-on, participatory design engagements.

Companies use Longevity Explorer workshops for a variety of reasons. The common theme is a...


Unsure What You Need?

Tell us what you want to accomplish.
We will respond with suggestions.

(No charge. No "selling". Just some advice.)



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