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Leverage the domain expertise and life experiences of Tech-enhanced Life & the Longevity Explorers.

Develop products & services that older adults actually want, need, and will pay a premium for.



Tech-enhanced Life and Longevity Explorers advise on better products for seniors


Iterate faster to products seniors want

Don't waste time and money developing the wrong thing. With the help of the Longevity Explorer community of older adults and our analyst team you can explore and research unmet needs; get help critiquing product concepts and evaluating prototypes; and get ongoing rapid feedback as you iterate toward problem-solution fit. 

Learning Interactions


Raise capital more easily with proof-points

The proof-points that come from interacting with the Longevity Explorers provide valuable third-party validation of problem-solution fit, and of the enthusiasm of potential customers. When it is time to attract support and funding for the next stage of development, these are incredibly valuable pieces of collateral.

Proof-point Interactions


Customer interaction — engaging the older adults who are potential customers or users of a product or service — is a vital ingredient of successful product development. We have found companies struggle to access this hard-to-reach demographic. And also, we have found that developers often lack the right skills to engage successfully in customer interactions with these individuals. We set out to eliminate both of these challenges.

But we also saw an opportunity to go way beyond offering some type of "super focus group", or simply "connecting innovators to our community of older adults".

Over the last 2 years we have held almost a hundred face-to-face group interactions with our Longevity Explorer circles. And our in-house analyst team has done extensive, deep-dive research into a number of the sub-categories of products for seniors. As part of these initiatives, we have built a large knowledge base of unmet needs and potential solutions, and of why one product works well while another does not. We wanted to integrate this knowledge base into what we offer innovators.

As we talked to companies about how we can help, it became clear that different innovation teams needed different types of help, depending on where they were in the product development cycle, and on what internal skills they had. Learn more about how we are thinking about this in "Which Customer Interaction Goal When?".

Taking all this into account, we have created a family of services designed to increase the probability of success for companies working on new products and services for older adults. The hallmarks of these services include:

  • different goals and techniques, depending on a company's stage of development;
  • tight integration of customer development techniques, our existing domain expertise and knowledgebase, and the accumulated wisdom and experience of our Longevity Explorers;
  • levels of "hand-holding" which range from very little (DIY research in our extensive library of audio recordings of older adults discussing umet needs) to quite a lot (full-on consulting projects).


There has been a flurry of activity over the last few years by companies developing new products and services for older adults. Unfortunately, many of those products have failed, or never made it to market, and often it is because they simply do not address an important unmet need, or fail to satisfactorily meet a particular unmet need. 

See "Products for Seniors: Could do Better" for Richard Caro's take on why this is the case, and what to do about it. His takeaway: While there is no shortage of problems for which older adults would like solutions, the vast majority of products we have looked at are either hard for elderly people to use, or do poorly the "job" our older adult demographic wants to get done.

A major cause of this situation is the lack of engagement with older adults themselves in the development process.

We have created a family of services to try and remedy this, with the deep involvement of our community of older adults: the Longevity Explorers.

Get Started: Proof-point Interactions

Create the right proof-points for your specific circumstance — to show your stakeholders that older adults want, need and will pay for the idea you are working on.


Other ways we can help

Collaborative Design

We love the idea of pulling together a group of older adults who want to serve as longer term collaborators though an entire product design cycle. If you are interested in doing that, contact us to discuss.


Custom Engagements

Between our analyst team, who have been evaluating products for older adults for several years now, and the Longevity Explorers who have deep personal experience of the challenges of aging, we know a lot about what works and what does not as far as products for seniors are concerned.

Our goal is to help people develop better products, and we are open to almost any type of interaction you can dream up that is aligned with that goal.

We have done special custom focus groups; hands-on product or prototype evaluations; and surveys fielded to a larger group of virtual explorers who are keen to be part of what we are doing but do not attend our face to face explorer circle meetings.

If you want to explore a custom engagement contact us to start a dialog.


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