Selection Tool: Medical Alert Systems

Use this selection tool to input the specific features that matter most for you, and get a list of actual products that match those features from our database of over 50 medical alert systems.

You can then read independent, objective reviews and analysis of the actual products by the Tech-enhanced Life analyst team. There are also links to each manufacturer's website for when you are ready to learn more or make a purchase.

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Who should get the alert, and be the one to respond back to you?
Is it OK if it only works while you are at home, or do you need it to work when you go for walks, or to the shops etc?
Will the alert be a button in a "wearable" (pendant or wristband), or a button on a cell phone, or an App on a smartphone?
Will you converse through the wearable (or cell phone) or through the base station?

Products that match the characteristics you selected

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Get help: Learning Module: Take the Workshop

If you are unsure how to decide what features you want, you can follow the simple 5 step process, complete with video explanations, in our Workshop, or generally learn more about how to select the features you need in our Learning Module. The workshop lets you turn information about the older adult who will use this emergency response system into a short list of personalized features that will be best for that person. Access the workshop via our Learning Module (below).

Learning Module: About Medical Alert Systems


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