Philips Lifeline: Reviews and Company Overview

Philips Lifeline has historically been a leader in the "high-tech products for older adults" space, with medical alerts and a medication dispenser. 

They emphasize the quality of their call center and level of training of their responders.

The company has excellent "name brand recognition" among clinicians (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, for example), and when we ask people from those professions about medical alerts or high-tech medication management, Philips Lifeline is often the name we hear.

However, over the last few years, innovation in this space has been coming increasingly from companies that think more like a consumer electronics company than like a "clinical devices company". Philips Lifeline's products have yet to move in that direction.




Philips is a very large and highly regarded company with products ranging from consumer products to medical devices. Lifeline was acquired by Philips in 2006, and Lifeline was one of the pioneers of the medical alert business in the USA.

You can see more about the history of Lifeline on the Philips Lifeline website here.

Their website says that Philips Lifeline "has served over 7 million people". And when we first wrote this, the Philips Lifeline website claimed "650,000 subscribers".

In 2020, Philips announced that it was "seeking a buyer" for Philips Lifeline, which was then acquired by Connect America in 2021.


The Philips Lifeline Products

Below are the Philips Lifeline products we have evaluated.


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Philips Lifeline, HomeSafe: Review

Philips Lifeline, HomeSafe

Conventional, "old fashioned" PERS that works at home only. Philips Lifeline is a leader in the medical alert system space, with a large number of users.

The "Homesafe" comes in two versions: the HomeSafe Standard, and the HomeSafe with Autoalert.




Philips Medication Dispenser

Philips Lifeline, Medication Dispenser

The Philips Medication Dispenser is designed to help you improve your adherence to the medication regimen prescribed by your healthcare providers. 


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