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MobileHelp, based in Florida, is one of a handful of companies that actually develop and make emergency response systems. It is unique in that it both offers these products for sale to end consumers itself, and wholesales them through other companies.

Other players in this space tend to either make and sell the product (Philips, GreatCall) or just wholesale it (LogicMark, Numera, Freeus).

The cellular duo is an unusual concept, and has been fairly widely adopted by the companies that sell direct to consumers. We found it in the following forms: ADT ("Plus & On the Go"); ConnectAmerica ("Cellular Home Alert"); Lifefone ("At Home & On-the-Go"); and Medical Guardian ("Mobile Guardian").

MobileHelp does not operate its own responder 24/7 center but outsources that capability as do many others in this industry.

Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


MobileHelp Duo

MobileHelp, Duo

The "MobileHelp Duo" allows for out and about operation using a second mobile base station, but still has small, light pendants with long battery life. 

This product was part of our testing of the best "go anywhere" class of emergency response systems, and is one of our...



MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp, Classic

The MobileHelp Classic is the MobileHelp Duo, but without the second mobile base station. This means it works at home, but not when you go "out and about". It is a traditional medical alert system, but the base station connects via a cellular signal so you do not need to connect it to your home...



MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp, Solo

The MobileHelp Solo is an unusual "go anywhere" medical alert system, in which you take with you both a small mobile base station (for example in your purse) and a conventional medical alert pendant.

It is part of the MobileHelp Duo family: ...


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