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Medical Guardian sells an example of each of the major types of medical alert systems — except for an App for your smartphone. The company is frequently near the top of various online review sites.

For in home use they have the traditional systems with either cellular or landline connection to the responders. They offer an example of an out and about system that has an accompanying mobile base station. And the new "Premium Guardian is an example of a go-anywhere pendant that does not require a mobile base station, but which can communicate directly from the pendant to the responders (via cell signal).

Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


Medical Guardian, Active Guardian

Medical Guardian, Active Guardian

This is a go anywhere mobile alert with fall detection. It is a direct competitor for the products we reviewed in our comparative evaluation of mobile medical alerts.

This is a rebranded version of the Belle+ made by...



Freedom Guardian Medical Alert

Medical Guardian, Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian is one of several products we compared in a piece of research called "Smartwatch as Medical Alert". If you are interested in this category of product, we recommend you look at this comparative review...



Medical Guardian Home Review, Classic Review

Medical Guardian, Home and Classic

These two products are conceptually fairly similar but one (Classic) uses a conventional phone line connection from the base station to the monitoring center, and the other (Home) uses a cellular connection (for people without landlines). Fall auto-detection available as option for the "Home...



Mobile Guardian Review

Medical Guardian, Mobile Guardian

This PERS has the advantage of "working pretty much anywhere". It is a rebranded version of the MobileHelp Solo. When "out and about" you need to carry both the mobile base station and your emergency pendant. Medical Guardian does not offer a fall detection pendant.

The mobile base...


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