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LifeFone is often well reviewed in the various online review sites and offers a fairly broad range of medical alert systems. For in-home use they have all you might expect, including fall detection and the choice of cellular or landline connection to the responders.

They have an App for those who want to use a smartphone as their medical alert system.

For out-and-about use, they offer a single pendant that can connect by itself to the responders. 


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LifeFone Medical Alert

LifeFone, At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-In-Pendant

This is a go anywhere mobile alert with fall detection. This is a rebranded version of the Belle+ made by wholesaler Freeus. It has a couple of noteworthy features, in addition to those typical for products in this class.



LifeFone, At-home & On-the-Go: Review

LifeFone, At-home & On-the-Go GPS

The product works both at home and on the go. It does so by having two separate "base stations". One base station stays at home (connects via the cellular connection to the monitoring service), and one is small-ish and can be carried with you (for example in a purse). The mobile base station can...



LifeFone At-Home

LifeFone, At-home Landline, Cellular

The LifeFone At-Home system comes in two versions: the "Landline" version and the "Cellular" version.

These are both conventional, traditional, medical alert systems that work only at and around your home. These systems do have optional fall-detection capability. Voice...



LifeFone, Mobile Alert: Review

LifeFone, Mobile Alert App

This Medical Alert App turns your smartphone into a medical alert system. Works on Android and iPhone.


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