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Trelawear medical alert

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Trelawear is launching a new line of jewelry that functions as a medical alert. The idea is to create a medical alert pendant that looks attractive, and not like a medical alert at all.

The medical alert itself is built by one of the existing suppliers of medical alerts, and then Trelawear incorporates it into a pendant, as you can see in the images above and below.

The Longevity Explorers have not yet tried out this product but definitely like the idea of a medical alert that actually looks attractive.


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About Trelawear

Trelawear "Sally" cushion shaped PERS pendant providing Safety with Style



Trelawear Inc., designs, manufacturers and distributes the first and only jewelry inspired attractive, discreet personal emergency response systems (PERS) devices.  After registering with our leading monitoring service partner MobileHelp, with the push of the button on the back of the pendant, you’ll immediately be connected to live trained assistance who know Who you Are, Where you Are and All your Emergency Contacts! Our goal is for women and men to feel good about wearing our PERS devices, and increase compliance to help maintain their active independent lifestyle.  We are the only company providing a Safety with Style solution.


Our Story:

Inspiration for Trellawear


Trelawear began as a passion project aimed at solving an issue that hit close to home.   Mara Perlmutter, Founder of Trelawear, set out to address her mom's question when she refused to wear a generic PERS device, "Mara you have been in the jewelry business over 25 years, can't you make me something beautiful to wear in case of an emergency?"  As a seasoned fashion and jewelry executive, Mara knew she had the expertise to make this happen. 

Mara has spent the past three years crafting a product she would be proud to share with her family and friends.  To honor her family members that inspired Trelawear, the cushion-shaped pendant is named Sally, after Mara’s mother; and the round-shaped pendant named Bella, after Mara's favorite aunt. 


How it Works

How it works


Using Trelawear is simple! At a time of emergency, simply push the button located on the back of the Trelawear pendant. This button is paired with the MobileHelp base station (Classic subscriptions) or base station and mobile device (DUO subscriptions), which will send an emergency notification to the  24/7/365 U.S.-based emergency response center. A trained emergency operator will contact you through the base station or mobile device to determine how best to help you. If required, emergency personnel will be dispatched to the location based on GPS technology and family members will be notified.

The Trelawear pendant pairs wirelessly with the MobileHelp equipment. In order for the pendant to work out of your home, the mobile device (part of the DUO subscription plan) is required.

Trelawear pendants come with care card and instructions to assist you in the set-up process. Calling our dedicated MobileHelp contact at 800-914-8796 will connect you with a trained operator, who will guide you through the simple process of pairing your Trelawear pendant. A 24/7/365 representative based in the United States will ensure your device is successfully working.

While wearing your pendant, if you happen to accidentally push the button and initiate an emergency call, no need to panic. The operator that answers will assess the situation. If there is no emergency, the operator will not send an emergency response to your location.


When you purchase a Trelawear pendant: 

Trelawear medical alert


You will receive the following:

  • One Trelawear necklace, packaged in a beautiful box
  • Care card and instructions for pairing your pendant

To ensure your Trelawear pendant can access emergency help, you need to contact MobileHelp at 800-914-8796 and place an order for a Classic monitoring plan (with a Home Base Station only) or the DUO monitoring plan (with Home Base and Mobile Device). After you receive your equipment from MobileHelp, you will be able to pair the Trelawear pendant so that it works with MobileHelp devices.

After registering with MobileHelp,  you will receive the following:

  • 1 qty Home Base Station (Classic or DUO subscription plan)
  • 1 qty Mobile Station/Device (DUO subscription plan)
  • 1 qty waterproof Pers pendant for use in the shower


The Trelawear Collection & Product Details:

All Trelawear pendants have the latest RFID technology and are all FCC certified.  Our pendants are pace maker and TSA compatible. All pendants are nickel free and hypoallergenic. All pendants have a 3 year battery life, and you will be contacted when your battery is running low.  Trelawear pendants are not recommended to be worn in the shower or at bedtime.  Aside from the battery, Trelawear pendants have a one year warranty and can be returned for credit and/or replacement as long as the pendant has been properly used and cared for.  


By Style :



Sally Pendant (Cushion)- Available in goldtone or imitation rhodium metal finishes with hand cut resin stone options in black, lapis blue, turquoise, and white mother of pearl.

Chain length: 30-inches, with a an exclusive magnetic breakaway closure
Case dimensions: (LxWxD)  34.5mm x 34.5 x 15mm or 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x .6 inches
Weight: 62 grams / 2.2 ounce


Bella pendant

Bella Pendant (Round)-Available in goldtone or imitation rhodium metal finishes with hand cut resin stone options in black, lapis blue, turquoise, and white mother of pearl.

Chain length: 30-inches, with an exclusive magnetic breakaway closure 
Case dimensions: (LxWxD)  33.5mm x 33.55 x 15mm or 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x .6 inches
Weight: 53 grams / 1.8 ounce 

Please visit the Trelawear website for detailed available color options for purchase.








Discussion and Reviews


from Tampa Shirl (unverified) at April 13, 2020

This is a very attractive product. Potential users might look at InvisaWear to see if it meets their needs. It is attractive too. Retails for about $150. Relies on connection to a smartphone instead of base station. No monthly fee.



from mara perlmutter (member) at April 13, 2020

Thank you Tampa.  InvisaWear is a very attractive product as well, though geared to a younger college aged target audience.

Trelawear was designed to cater to baby boomers plus.  We will be launching a bluetooth version in a few months with an app for activation/monitoring with a very low monthly monitoring cost.

We feel our target audience wants the comfort of a trained representative helping them in any emergency, who also knows who they are, where they are & their emergency contacts.


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