Secure Walking Cane with flashlight and alarm

Image of Secure Multi-Function Walking Cane with LED Flashlight, Panic Alarm and Alert Light, Black

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The Secure® Walking Cane has an LED flashlight, push-button panic alarm, and flashing red alert/warning light.  The following features are shown on the web site.

  • The flashlight can be aimed to illuminate where you are walking or to illuminate things you need to see, such as a door lock. 
  • The push-button panic alarm emits an alarm sound to draw the attention of others.  This can be helful if you have fallen or if you are acosted.
  • Flashing red alert/warning light alerts vehicles, cyclists, and others of the your presence.
  • Requires two AAA batteries.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • adjustable from 28"-38" in length.

    UPDATE September 2019: 

    Unfortunately this product is "out of stock" on Amazon. We don't currently have a similar lighted cane that we have tested, so we cant recommend one at present.




    Where to get it or learn more: (this takes you to Amazon's website [affiliate link])*

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