Special Offers: for the Tech-enhanced Life Community

There is a "special offer" for the Tech-enhanced Life community from each of the companies whose products are shown below. Follow the "Learn More" links under each product to see details.

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Products with Special Offers

Foray Spring Rollator

Foray upright walker

The Foray "Spring" is a rollator that is intended to be an improved ambulation assistive device with a sleek and stable design.


Theora Care

Theora Care

Theora Care is designed to combine the functions of a smartphone app with wearable devices and other sensors to keep caregivers and care recipients connected. The initial use case is for people with dementia.



Loop communication device

Loop is an Internet connected frame and iOS app intended to be a communication device that allows the user to share video, photos, and video chat.


Claris Companion

Claris Companion, easy communication device, simple computer

Claris Companion is a "senior-friendly tablet": designed to be simple for the user, with messages, reminders, and greetings pushed to the monitor automatically by the family or caregiver remotely managing the console.





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