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Longevity Explorer Selection

Introducing the Longevity Explorer Collection.

Each of the products below is (in our opinion) one of a handful of "best of breed" products in a specific category.




We often get asked "are there any products you particularly like, for older adults and families and caregivers?"

We created the Longevity Explorer Collection for next time we get asked that.


The Longevity Explorer Collection includes products that have bubbled to the top in a given product category — based on a variety of factors, such as hands-on evaluations by Tech-enhanced Life, and crowd-sourced inputs from the community of Longevity Explorers.

The Longevity Explorer Collection Products are organized below by category. We are starting with two categories and will be adding more in coming months.

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  • Learn about our selection process below (scroll down).


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About the Longevity Explorer Collection


While we believe it's usually too simplistic to talk about a "Best xxx Product", we definitely think one can talk about a "Best xxx Product for a Specific Type of Person".


Our in-depth reviews and analysis try and connect the dots between a specific type of person and a specific product, and if you read the broader research mentioned in each category above, you can learn more about exactly which product is right for you.

On this page, we pull together a handful of "Best of Breed" products in each of several categories.



How We Select

Our primary screen for selecting these products is how well they serve the needs of the individuals for whom they are best suited (in our opinion).

One of our goals with this Collection is to highlight products that we think are important and which are "new" or "emerging" and thus not well known.

We rely on independent, objective, in-depth evaluations in the case of products for which we do hands-on evaluations. And for products that are surfaced by the Longevity Explorer community, but have not yet been evaluated by our analyst team, we rely on a collection of opinions from older adults and caregevers in our explorer community who have actually used the products.

Selection is based on merit. But, we don't try and include every "good" product we have reviewed in this collection. If you have a need for something different, explore this website under the Recommendations tab in the main menu.

We do not ask companies to pay to be included. Nor can companies buy their way onto the list.




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