Antioch Clipper Long Handled Toenail Clipper

Long handled nail clippers

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At $69.95 the Antioch Clipper Long Handled Toenail Clipper may be a bit pricey for some – but the many positive reviews, plus the fact that it is (for the moment) out of stock everywhere, tells us that this is a quality product. If bending down to clip your toenails is difficult or painful, this may be just the thing to make this task easier. A large magnifying glass assists with accuracy as well.

The topic of trimming toe nails as an older adult has been extensively discussed in our Longevity Explorer circles. Our Explorers put together a list of "promising toe nail clippers for older adults". Please try them out and let us know what you think.

UPDATE NOTE (10/6/17): This product is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by a new product from the same company. The newer product is called the "Pediclipper", and you can see more about it at the PediClipper manufacturers website.


View Explorer Choices for Best Toe Nail Clippers for Older Adults






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