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New Listings

Foray Spring Rollator

Foray upright walker

The Foray "Spring" is a rollator that is intended to be an improved ambulation assistive device with a sleek and stable design.


Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free app for iOS or Android devices that is designed to connect persons with vision impairment to sighted volunteers who also use the app to assist the caller with visual problem-solving. 


iTraq Nano


iTraq Nano is an app and device designed to work indoors or out using multiple wireless platforms and is intended to be used with people who are prone to wander.




AngelSense is a wearable GPS tracker with two-way speakerphone and emergency call button capabilities designed to monitor the location of the wearer for safety. 




Life360 - The New Family Circle is a subscription smartphone app intended to work with phones or with Alexa to stay aware of the whereabouts of participating family members.



Umbrella App

Umbrella is a membership service designed to provide vetted workers to help older adults with work in and around their home.


Jiobit Smart Tag


The Jiobit location-tracking smart tag and app are designed to track the wearer over a cell network at any distance indoors or out. 


AcTo Dementia

acto touchscreen app

AcTo Dementia is a website intended to provide information about touchscreen apps designed for use by persons with dementia.



Recently Discussed by the Longevity Explorers

Lyft Mobile App

Lyft ride sharing app

Lyft is a mobile app to order a ride. It is a direct competitor to Uber.




Uber is an interactive ride service which members can summon by phone or via the Uber smartphone app.


Flywheel Mobile App

Flywheel mobile app, taxi, transport

Flywheel is working to bring the same Internet enabled experience as Lyft and Uber to traditional taxi cab companies for the user who is more comfortable riding with a cab driver.


Walking Cane with Flashlight and Alarm


The Secure® Walking Cane has an LED flashlight, push-button panic alarm, and flashing red alert/warning light. It came top of our recent Exploration into lighted canes.


HurryCane: The All-Terrain Cane


The HurryCane all-terrain cane is the #1 selling cane in America. Highly rated by thousands of users, the HurryCane stands on its own pivoting base to be free-standing – it doesn’t need to be leaned against a chair, wall or table (where canes are often misplaced or tripped over). The unique,...


Timer Cap


Tmer Cap medicine bottle caps fit on pharmacy pill bottles and the caps display the time elapsed since the bottle was last opened. Useful for avoiding prescription dose errors.


OrCam MyEye

Orcam MyEye

OrCam makes a family of wearable Artificial Intelligence devices which are designed to mount on a pair of glasses, gather a visual signal, and read that signal to the wearer.



Reading, EyeReader,app, magnifier, visual aid

EyeReader is an iOS app which uses the iPhone camera to magnify text and the phone's LED light to illuminate it, making it possible to read small print under low light conditions.




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Hero Medication Dispenser

Hero Pill Dispenser

MedaCube Medication Dispenser


MedMinder, Maya

MedMinder Maya

Philips Lifeline, GoSafe 2

Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2

Apple Watch as Medical Alert

Apple Watch as Medical Alert

CareZone Medication App

CareZone Medication App

GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser

GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser

GreatCall, Lively Mobile Plus

Lively Mobile Plus