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Consumer Reports: Hearing Aid Buying Guide

hearing aid buying guide
The Hearing Aid Buying Guide is a thoroughgoing tutorial by Consumer Reports informing consumers on a variety of hearing loss related topics.


iHEAR hearing aid
iHEAR Medical is a website offering affordably priced hearing aid devices, with optional home testing and remote adjustments.

The Freebird Club

Freebird Club
The Freebird Club is an international peer-to-peer travel website for people over fifty that connects people who have unused rooms with those looking for a place to stay.


Wearsafe, distress signal
Wearsafe is a silent distress signal system which is designed to summon friends or family to assist without the phone being seen.

DriveSafe Lenses by Zeiss

Drivesafe Lenses, vision care
Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are designed to solve the problems that older adults report while driving at night or adverse weather conditions.

IndeeLift - Human Floor Lift

IndeeLift, lifts
The IndeeLift device is a portable lift designed to help a fallen person from a sitting position to their feet with or without help.

Care3 - Messaging App for Caregivers

Care3, care coordination app
Care3 is an iOS app intended to securely inform and include the care team, family, and patient from a single care plan.

Tunstall Vi+ Home Sensor System

Tunstall Vi+  home sensor system
The Tunstall Vi+ is a home sensor system with a wide range of sensing capabilities, including environmental hazards such as fire, flood and temperature extremes.

Essence Voice Panic Detector

Essence Voice Panic Detector, medical alert system
Voice Panic Detector with Intelligent Voice Activation™ adds a new layer to the medical alert system design: Using advanced speech recognition technology, The detector is a nearby microphone that identifies specific phrases called out by the user. The device is activated when it detects a sequence...

Dr Poket Medication Reminder App

dr Poket Pillbox, medication management aid
The Dr Poket Android app is intended, among other things, to be a reminder to the user to take the right medications at the right time, and to notify designated persons if they are not taken.

Livi by PharmRight

Livi, medication management aid
Livi is a large capacity countertop medication storage and dispensing device which is Internet connected in order to send messages to designated persons in case of missed doses or other medication history data.

MedaCube by PharmAdva

MedaCube, medication management aid
MedaCube is a connected medication organizing and dispensing device with up to a 90-day capacity and is designed to send text messages to designees in the case of missed doses.

MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System

MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer with Reminder, medication organization and management
This 31-Day pill organizer is sold in combination with a programmable reminder clock to assist the user with medication compliance.


Pillrite, medication adherence aid, pill organizer
Pillrite is a medication organizer (AM and PM) with a four-week capacity designed to reduce the frequency of handling and loading pills to once monthly.

Dayamed MedPOD

MedPOD, Telemedicine
MedPOD is a medication dispenser that uses a prepackaged pack of pills from the pharmacy.

eNNOVEA Pill Planner

eNNOVEA Pill Planner, medication adherence aids
The eNNOVIA 14-Day Pill Planner is designed to improve medication adherence through organization of daily doses in a countertop dispenser.


Med-E-Lert, medication adherence aid
Med-E-Lert is an automated pill dispenser with multiple features designed to support medication regimen adherence.

Med-Q Pillbox

Med-Q Pillbox, medication adherence aid

The Med-Q Pillbox is a 7-day a.m./p.m. organizer with audible and flashing light alarms to draw attention to dosage timing.

From the website: "The Med-Q programmable Pill Box with triple alarms makes pill time simple. Seniors use the simplicity of the Pill Reminder flashing light box to...


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Medical Alert Systems: Help

Medical Alert Systems GuideWe kept getting asked "which medical alert systems are best?"; and "how do I choose the right medical alert system for me?". This independent, objective, hands-on research tries to answer those questions. If you are looking for medical alert systems, either for yourself or for an older adult such as a parent, this piece of research is for you.

View: Medical Alert Systems Guide


Useful Apps Club

Useful Apps ClubUnlock the potential of your smartphone or tablet to improve your life. The Useful Apps Club is for older adults and Boomers who have a smartphone or tablet (or are thinking of getting one) and need help to turn it into a useful tool. We are focused on finding Apps that can change your life, and teaching you how to use them. 

View: The Useful Apps Club


Reduce Fall Risk

Avoid FallsRead the "best of the web" on: Avoiding Falling. Our team of clinicians and citizen analysts has scoured the web for the best available answers to a set of questions designed to help you make falling less likely, and make the consequences if you do fall less bad.

View: Avoid the Perils of Falling


Guide: Home Sensor Systems

Home Sensor SystemsRead our report on this new category of products, designed to help seniors stay at home longer, and to help their families worry about them less. There are important lessons to be learned about which ones work, and for which types of circumstance they are optimal.

View: Home Sensor System Guide



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