Archive: Medical Alert Research (Historical)

This section contains original research and reviews we have done in the past on medical alerts. We are keeping this material live because some of the methodology continues to be relevant. However we are not updating this material and some of it is out of date. Please read this for reference but beware of specific … Read more

About Medical Alert Systems: Learning Module

Medical Alert System Explanations and Learning Module

  Medical Alert Systems are conceptually simple. You press a button and help comes.   But when it comes down to choosing one, it turns out there are quite a few subtleties that one needs to take into account to be sure of choosing the best medical alert for a given person. This site includes various reviews … Read more

Brain Training: How Real are the Benefits?

Brain Training Benefits

As part of our search for a brain check engine light, we started evaluating a specific brain training product (BrainHQ) that has the ability to both measure aspects of brain function, and potentially “train” and improve them. In this second part of our report on Longevity Explorers using BrainHQ (Ref 1), we look at what … Read more

“Smarthome Features as a Service” for Older Adults


Longevity Explorers have reported on how they have used different smarthome features to improve the quality of life of people with vision impairments, people with hearing difficulties, people with limited mobility, and people facing early cognition impairment — as well as people who just find these new capabilities “fun” and “useful”. However, at present there is a “barrier” to widespread adoption of smarthome features that can benefit older adults — the fact that most of the interesting applications require an element of Do-it-Yourself (“DIY”) capability.

We believe there is a big opportunity to broaden the deployment of these empowering smarthome features to others — by using a “smarthome features as a service” model. This Article explains our thinking, and describes a pilot project we are considering in partnership with one of the Villages in Northern California.

Needed a Large Clock Due to Vision Loss

Day Clock App

A number of my relatives need a “special” clock, for a variety of reasons. I set out to find them one, but both the physical and app versions I found fell short of what we needed in various ways. So, … I developed a special “Time Clock App”. The Need for a Special Clock My … Read more

Reading Light for Vision Problems

A chairside floor lamp with a long adjustable gooseneck including a handheld remote with brightness and warmness for bright white to warm yellow light is a good solution for reading when you have vision imperfections.

The Senior Moment Alexa Skill can remember this for your mother

The Senior Moment Alexa Skill can remember this for your mother

One of the great things about Alexa is that she never gets tired of answering the same question. The Alexa Skill Senior Moment may be the perfect fit for your mother's ATM location question. You can ask the Skill to remember the perfect answer to that question. Then all your mother has to say is, "Alexa, open Senior Moment."

Rooms are Never The Right Temperature

Rooms are Never The Right Temperature

My Mom’s heating and cooling HVAC system doesn’t distribute the air well throughout her home

I was running into the same problem in my house, and I was manually turning on floor and ceiling fans, but this can get tiring. I wanted a solution.