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I graduated with a MSEE from California State Sacramento in 1974 and started working at a local ultrasound company that was acquired by GE Medical Systems in 1979. I spent the next 10 years working on medical ultrasound doing hardware design and software programming. When GE decide to move the operation back to their headquarters, I remained in Sacramento as a consultant to them and other companies.

In 1990 I joined Intel in Folsom, Ca as a software group test manager and then moved into their Windows Client IT group as a programmer. After several years, an Innovation Center Group was formed, and I worked on testing new products for home users and the elderly population.

When Intel and GE formed a partnership in CareInnovations, I assisted them on several projects

I retired from Intel in 2011 and have been pursing my dream of helping seniors and their family with suitable technology. I recently have expanded that into providing solutions for those with vison, hearing, and mobility difficulties.

Being 76 myself, I get to test a lot of the solutions on myself before recommending them to others. Along with my sister, a retired RN who lives in a retirement community, we get to deploy a lot of my solutions to the residents and family members.


My Articles & Research on Tech-enhanced Life

Making TV "Useful" For My 94-yr-old Aunt

This is about how I took advantage of the ubiquity of TV in the lives of many older adults.  By adding various "smart" integrations, I turned the TV from simply a source of background noise into a useful tool — that helps my 94-yr-old aunt accomplish all sorts of things she previously had trouble with.