Richard Houston: profile


Graduate Brown University.

Doctorate in Education. Post doctoral training in psychology.

Licensed MA Board of Psychology, 1981.

Primary professional focus has been talent management, leadership development & organizational change management. 

Worked extensively with CCRC in LA metro area; also senior communities in Bay Area.

Recent focus: the psychology of healthy lifestyle habits.  Recently collected data from 1600 residents of Silicon Valley on fitness habits and related psych variables. 

Interested in improving educational resources for senior communities with regard to promoting fitness & active lifestyle behaviors.

My Articles & Research on Tech-enhanced Life

Cognitive Dimensions of Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Seniors

Most seniors understand that active lifestyle habits have a significant influence on the quality of life in later decades. Chronic diseases of the neurological, cardio-vascular and endocrine systems can often be delayed or potentially avoided altogether by consistent exercise routines and healthy eating habits throughout adult years. However, many seniors fall short of their own personal fitness goals. Cognitive factors related to the discrepancy between active lifestyle goals and actual behaviors are analyzed in this review.