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Have retired after preparing taxes for 17 years.  Just became a Certified Senior Advisor.   This will allow me to follow my passion in helping families to care for their seniors in their own homes.  After seeing and experiencing the nursing home and assisted living trauma that occurs for various reasons I would like to make a difference in the lives of seniors.  I have taken some classes in dementia and home safety along with joining the Longevity Explorers to help me with my passion.

Had been caregiver for my legally blind Mom for 8 years who resided in a facility and died as the result of an accident of an order written by an RN which was totally irresponsible.  Am currently a caregiver for my 97 year old Aunt (Mom' s sister) who is aging safely in her home.  My Aunt has some memory loss and trouble with numbers.  She loves nature, laughter and being in her home. She is a best friend having known me my entire life.  She is single, so no children to help with caregiving.  I have a small team of caring people along with Livindi to help my Aunt age safely in her home. Recently have added some Blink cameras outdoors so I can see who comes and goes.  With a pad my Aunt can also see and talk to the person at the door before opening it.

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