Forgot to Turn Off the Iron, Hotplate, or Heater

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: December 17, 2021.


Problem description

Have you ever plugged in a device, turned it on and later forgot it was still plugged in?

If this was a device that consumed a lot of energy such as a clothes iron, electric hotplate, coffee pot, tea kettle or a space heater you might have wasted some power or even have caused some damage.

As one explorer explained:

I'm still getting used to my smart refrigerator and smart range. I appreciate being able to tell via my phone app if the fridge door is open or gosh-forbid I left the oven on. Has someone invented a smart iron yet? That's the other appliance that caused inconvenient returns home when my mother couldn't remember if she unplugged it/turned it off!


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Suggested Solutions

Smart Plug with Auto Shutoff

Isn’t there a simple solution using a smart plug with Alexa to turn the plug off after a fixed time? Yes, and this describes how to set it up.



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