Forgets to Wash Hands, Flush Toilet

By: claudiacapo. Updated: September 17, 2021.

Problem description

My mother (with dementia) wakes up often in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and forgets to wash her hands/flush the toilet. She often forgets during the day as well.

I am sensitive to sounds and her movements so I wake up and shout "make sure you wash your hands." But this just can't go on. I just worry about her hygeine. 

I do have a small mat that I purchased on Amazon that will set off an annoyingly loud alarm if she were to stand on it. I am wishing that instead of the annoyingly loud alarm, it would say "wash your hands" or had some programmable voice command option. Do things like this exist? Sensors with voice activated alarms that are programmable?

I mean, I can record myself saying the commands, I just need something to trigger them. :)  

I feel like something probably exists and I am just overlooking it. 


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Suggested Solutions

Automatic Flushing & Hand Washing

Your mother might be able to use the automatic toilet flusher and touchless water faucet described in this article

Smart Bathroom Features for Older Adults



Gentle, audible reminder to wash hands and flush the toilet

I have a suggestion that involves using an Alexa Routine to prompt your mom when she enters the bathroom.



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