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Useful Products Services Gadgets: Avenidas

This lengthy recording covers several different topics: The starting point for different segments is indicated.

START: The i-cloud is better for synching your calendar and contacts across all your devices’ instantly than i-Tunes which has a lag time.

Facetime: Wonderful for... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



How Can I Maintain Physical and Mental Wellbeing as I Age?

Explorer Sandra asks the group about how to maintain physical and mental wellbeing in later years to maintain the enjoyment of life, and to avoid a focus on the down side of growing older. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Housing Alternatives for Later in Life

Explorer Eileen tells of lessons learned when placing a relative in assisted living. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



The Challenge of New Products and Keeping up with System Changes

Software and Aps develop and change unrelentingly and some seniors have a hard time keeping up. One concern is that the aps some seniors have become familiar with are no longer supported or used by the people they want to keep in touch with. An example is Facebook and E-mail that are no longer... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



I Want to Keep Having Fun in Later Life

Explorer Diana shares a recent Wall Street Journal article about the importance of having fun as we age. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Social Isolation in Age: Challenges and Solutions

What is isolation? Is it a choice, a mindset or just a lack of options? For some it's something in the future, not now, but more associated with future incapacitation. Another view is from a member who likes to be alone with friends checking  in – so he may be alone, but he is not lonely.... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Home Robotics

Robotics and AI for Seniors. One member is fascinated with developments in this field and wants to find a way to keep up with what is available and affordable. She does not have a specific application in mind but may need help with declining eyesight.

Someone reminded us that Alexa can... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Who Decides Whether I Should Still Be Driving?

The Explorer group responds to a controversial question: When should I stop driving in later years, and how should that be decided? .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Uber and Lyft: Users Like Their Experiences

The group is discussing use of the Uber app, which leads to a series of anecdotes and questions from members .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Getting Exercise

Conversation starts with mention of Wii as a product that gets you to exercise at home. Someone further extolled the value of U-tube, this time to provide balance and fitness instructions, especially when hooked up to your TV. The value of walking on rough ground had a strong advocate, as long... .....Read more and listen to the discussion


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