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Driving at Night

Asked about barriers to independence, the topic of driving at night was discussed. Using Uber was a popular solution. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Jar Openers Demo @ Pleasanton

A favorite jar opener was demonstrated with a spaghetti sauce jar and a pickle jar. Also a method for opening plastic water bottles (teeth, not recommended) was discussed. It is helpful to first break the seal with a church key. What’s a church key? .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Bathing Options

Regarding barriers to independence, bathing options were discussed. Putting a bar (but not with Jack Daniels) in the shower seemed like a popular idea. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Learning New Technology

Do we have a love/hate relationship with new technology? We want what it has to offer, but to do so we have to be willing to put in the time to learn it. A comparison was made to learning bridge and the time it takes to stay proficient at it. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing can enhance the safety and happiness of seniors.  In a hospital setting, video conferencing was used to check on patients rather than sending a nurse (and resultant germs) from room to room.  Video Conferencing might be a great way to run a book club for home bound seniors.... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Providence Rhode Island: Explorer Meeting 1

The first meeting of this new circle took place on April 26 with about twenty participants.  .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Alexa @ Pleasanton

Alexa uses were explored.  Some uses included turning the thermostat on or off from a remote location, turning on the radio, setting reminders, setting alarms and turning on lamps.  Next meeting we will bring in an Alexa device and explore even more uses. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Assisted Living

Living Alternatives were discussed with one member expressing his initial reluctance to move into a Senior Care facility (Stoneridge Creek) and his current very satisfied results.  He is very happy with his choice and pointed out the importance of the groups and social connections. Income tax... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Ensuring Financial Security over Extended Lifespan

The selection of a trusted financial advisor was key. One person recommended using a fee-based financial planner who won’t churn your investments and can run analyses of your portfolio over various scenarios (sensitivity analysis). Another advised turning assets over to someone while you still... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Cochlear Implants: My Experience

Cochlear Implant and other hearing aids were described and discussed.  .....Read more and listen to the discussion


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