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Exploring Vision Aids @ SRC

Saratoga Retirement Community Explorers start an exploration of low vision problems and share some of the devices they use to improve visibility.



Hero At Explorer Circle SF

San Francisco Explorers learn about an automatic pill dispenser which was recently included in a Tech-enhanced Life feature article on the topic.



Self-Publishing My Memories

San Francisco Explorer Ron explains to the group how he has saved his memoirs and created some other special self-publications.



Virtual Reality: It's 'Almost Like Being There'

Diana asks whether anyone in the group owns or has used a virtual reality headset. 



Explorer Uses Song to Overcome Social Distancing

SF Explorer Lynn explains how she and her neighbors use music to lift their spirits during self-isolation.



Explorer Learnings During Social Distancing

SF Explorers discuss their experiences with social distancing during the Covid-19 virus epidemic.



Memory and Aging

Providence explorers discuss Memory, Aging and Dementia



Evernote: SF Explorer App of the Month

Explorer Rich reports on Evernote, an app he has found useful for years and especially now when his memory seems not so reliable as in the past.



Koolertron Video Magnifier Evaluated: Passavant

Members of the Passavant Circle can appreciate the challenges faced by those living with low vision as many of their friends, family members and neighbors are living with macular degeneration and other age related eye diseases.  For this reason we decided to evaluate a portable video magnifier.



Better Bra for Older Women

Our Longevity Explorers have been engaged in a brainstorming session about bra's for older adults — ignited by a challenge from explorer Marly.



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