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Which Retirement Living Option Works for Me?

Individual experiences and preferences raise the factors important to each one in choosing the right living situation for their future.  .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Lightbulb Replacement: Look for the Lumens

Explorer Marilyn reports that when her 100 watt closet bulb burned out, someone replaced it with one of 60 watts - inadequate for her purposes. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Where Should I Live in My Later Years? Why?

Explorers Shirley and AnnieScott discuss their decision to live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and some of the pleasant surprises they found once they moved in. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



The Problem with My Hearing Aids

Explorer Jean Marie complains about hearing impairment - even with hearing aids - in settings with a lot of background noise. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



How to Get Out of the Bath?

Explorer Judy reports that getting out of the bathtub is becoming problematic for her. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Maker Corner: Better Cane Grip

Explorer Peg has repurposed the clamps at the top of her folding cane to use as 'finger holes', giving her a firmer grip on the handle. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Shirley Reports on Alexa

Shirley reports on Alexa usage by her fellow resident at the Sequoias, San Francisco. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Can this Device Help Improve Speech Imperfections?

Explorer Lynn demonstrates a product intended for use by teachers as well as other professionals in teaching or treating speech therapy. Explorers speculate on many possible use cases. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



What Gets in the Way of Independence: SRC

The group addresses issues that get in the way of one's independence in later years. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Why We Want Driverless Cars

Explorer Pat notes that the campus fitness center is at the top of a steep hill and inaccessible to handicapped people who do not have electric carts. Explorers speculate why driverless cars might be the solution. .....Read more and listen to the discussion


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