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Designing Elder-centered Transport

The Virual1 Longevity Explorers group engaged in a lively and far ranging discussion about transportation for elders. It covered transportation by private auto, public transportation, and private services. It also reviewed communities that might have less need for transportation.



Test Pilots Evaluate Voice Booster

The Passavant Technology Test Pilots evaluated the Aker "Voice Booster" device as an aid to friends and neighbors living with Parkinson's Disease who are no longer able to project their voice enough to participate in conversational speech.



Parent Continually Fiddling with Thermostat

Is your loved one continually misadjusting their thermostat — potentially causing health and financial issues? I wanted a thermostat that would work for people with dementia or impaired vision, or who for other reasons have trouble managing their thermostat.



Explorers Focus on Hearing Problems and Solutions

Longevity Explorers from across the country discuss their hearing problems and share their experiences, good and bad, with hearing technology as they continue to seek better solutions.



Fridge for Forgetful Senior

We have several problems relating to a fridge and a forgetful senior who lives alone. We worry that she will leave the fridge open by mistake and that the food will spoil and make her sick. We worry that she forgets to throw out food as it gets old, and that the food in her fridge includes food...



Favorite 'Wearables' @SRC

Advances in wearable technology, both in functionality and form factor, are seeing increased use among older adults.



Forget to Turn Water Off

As people grow older they often become somewhat forgetful. We start to worry about questions like "Did I leave the water running?" How do we make it so these sorts of questions are not things that we need to worry about?



More Than Just Showing Photos

The enjoyment of photo-sharing among friends and family is enhanced by the back-and-forth communication that is possible on some platforms.



Dementia: Not Recognizing Spouse or Family

An especially upsetting symptom of the later stages of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia is when the person with dementia does not recognize a spouse or other family member any more.

We are seeking solutions that can help put off the time at which these symptoms start to manifest...



Senior Living After COVID: SRC Explorers

Saratoga Retirement Community residents offer thoughtful suggestions for needed changes in group housing and services based on their experiences with congregate living during the Covid-induced restrictions to occupancy.



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