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Tech Support During COVID, SRC

Saratoga Retirement Community Explorers tell what they do during the pandemic lockdown when their electronic devices don't work.



Tech Support, Virtual1

During their Zoom Circle meeting Virtual1 Explorers Circle members were invited to respond to the following:

  • Do you have trouble keeping all your technology running?
  • Do you find constant updates a challenge?
  • Do you wonder how to learn about new tech?
  • Do you find yourself helping friends with tech and wonder if there is a "better way"?

Then, a lively conversation ensued among the members during which they described personal approaches to tech support developed from their own experience.




Vision Gadgets @ SF

San Francisco Explorers are asked to discuss the gadgets they use to see things better.



Managing Passwords, Virtual1

As part of a discussion on technology support, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle acknowledged the ever growing need to keep track of a large number of passwords for online sites. For many, the task has become beyond what can conveniently be done with paper and pen



Want Joint Activity with Distant Relative

Your parent or relative lives far from you, or for whatever reason in person visits are not realistic.

You have a way to talk with them via video already. But now you want something you can actually DO together "virtually".



Telehealth - Covid and Beyond

Have you had the opportunity to use telemedicine? During the early period of sheltering in place due to the covid virus, telemedicine was often the only option for non-emergency medical care. Although telemedicine is by no means new, its rapid increase in deployment was due to the societal lock down during covid and its reimbursement by Medicare and other insurers. Many members of the Virtual1 Explorers Circle experienced online medical appointments which were discussed during their August Zoom meeting.




Explorers Describe Telehealth Experiences

San Francisco Explorers report their experiences with telehealth encounters, including what went well and why, what didn't, and how to have the best telehealth experiences.



Dementia Patient Wanders (Living at Home)

Your loved one tends to wander out of the yard when you aren’t looking. She has dementia, and you worry she will get lost. 

Although you could get an elderly GPS tracker, they may refuse to wear it, and cell coverage in your area might not be reliable.



What Time Is It? Dementia Confusion

My Dad is now in a nursing home, and he can't tell the difference between 4 AM and 4 PM when looking at a clock. When he asks his Voice Assistant, and it says, "It's 4 AM", he thinks it said "4 PM," and he better get dressed for dinner!



Socially Distance My Flu Shot, Please!

San Francisco Explorer Bob reports to the group that he is ready to get his annual flu shot, but is concerned that the space provided for inoculations by his usual drugstore pharmacy is a small room with no air circulation.



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