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Problems, Products, Use Cases: In Home Mobility

The first meeting of the Longevity Explorer Circle: Smarthomes, Robots, AI took place on May 24, 2022. We discussed the plans for the circle and did two "segments" on problems, use cases, and products to get started. This segment was "In-Home Mobility" 

The Jan 17, 2023 discussion was...



Walker Squawker @ Passavant

The Passavant Community Circle evaluates a new animatronic bird designed to be attached to a walker or rollator, and to to serve as a playful reminder to use one’s walker by providing the user with an interactive and personalized “sidekick”.



AI and Cognitive Assistance

This circle met to see a demo by one of the explorers of the Amazon Astro Robot, and to explore the intersection of AI and cognitive impairment.



Can't Find Good Reading Light

Normal chairside floor or table lamps don’t offer easy adjustment of a lamp’s position, brightness, or warmness.




Merlin Elite Pro @ Passavant

The Passavant explorers looked at a product called the Merlin Elite Pro, which enables individuals with low vision to read by listening or by viewing the text in color or in enhanced high contrast positive or negative modes.



Rooms are Never The Right Temperature

My Mom’s heating and cooling HVAC system doesn’t distribute the air well throughout her home

I was running into the same problem in my house, and I was manually turning on floor and ceiling fans, but this can get tiring. I wanted a solution.



Simple Way to Add Outdoor Security Camera

I want a way to add an outdoor security camera to my house, without the bother of batteries, or running electricity outside.



My Dad Keeps Calling Me at a Bad Time

My dad lives in a different time zone and never seems to remember my work schedule. He is trying to call me for just a chat, but really gets confused about me being three hours later.



LE AI Topics Sept 2022

Longevity Explorers prioritize and select topics for discussion from a list of problems of getting older. And discuss the problem area: "Emotional Well Being".



VNA Personal Home Monitoring System @ Passavant

The Passavant Community Circle evaluated the VNA Personal Home Monitoring System: designed to independently manage health or chronic medical conditions at home, subscribe to services of a health coach for assistance.



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