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Brain Health @ SRC

Strategies to maintain brain health vary from member to member, and each has an individual approach.



SF Explorers Talk About Wearables

SF Explorers spent a portion of their meeting time sharing reports on their favorite wearables - both high and low tech.



Favorite Apps: SRC Explorers

Saratoga Retirement Community explorers name and discuss their favorite apps. 



Sleep: SF Explorers

The group responds to the question "What do you do or use to help you go to sleep at night?"



Simple Shared Calendaring for Distant Parent

It's a common situation: an aging parent starts needing help from family members organizing things like doctors visits, or other care-related or social activities. How do you set up and maintain some type of mutually convenient, calendaring solution that maintains the right balance between "...



Smart Home Share & Learn: SF Explorers

When asked which smart home devices they have, San Francisco Explorers answer with more than a few of their personal favorites. 



Getting Better Sleep: Virtual1 Explorers

The Virtual1 Longevity Explorer's Circle engaged in a broad discussion on how to get better sleep. They reviewed information on sleep, as well as, offered opinions on the routines, devices, and apps they used to increase sleep.



Life Changes After Covid-Virtual1

As 2021 arrived and vaccines started to become available, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle members were ready to discuss what they thought life would be like as they emerged from lock down. The resulting wide-ranging conversation had several threads including: the aspects of life that had been forever changed by the pandemic, things that members were eager to do once the lock down was lifted, positive behaviors developed or technologies learned during Covid that members wanted to keep as part of their lives, and the opportunities that change opened up for the future.



Digital Tools to Keep Post-Pandemic

During this period of social distancing and isolation, SF Explorers consider which aspects of virtual connectivity they intend to continue to use after the mandated isolation is over.



Automating My Parent's Lights

Having the right lighting in the right place at the right time is a very important detail for both safety and quality of life. Think burglars, or being able to read, for example.

But some older adults, as they become forgetful, or develop mobility issues, can end up with the lights turned...



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