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Online Passwords @ SF (1)

Explorer Steve believes that all passwords should be protected, and welcomes the entry of two-stage authentication for password protected sites by use of email or text messaging.



Brain App Exploration Report

Explorers are asked if someone in the San Francisco group attended the recent UCSF sponsored exploration to research a developing brain function app.



Mental Reset: Electricity Not Reliable Anymore

Explorer Nan observed that during recent PG&E power outages, cell carriers' towers failed in spots.



Parent Keeps "Losing" Their Phone?

Your loved one is frequently misplacing their smartphone while at home.

Many people misplace their phones, but if your loved one has mobility issues or cognitive decline, it’s even more frequent. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your loved one a solution?



Timer Pill Caps @ SRC

The Saratoga Retirement Community Explorer group is introduced to a new device in pill management: Pill bottles with caps that keep the elapsed time since the bottle was last opened.



Exploring Vision @ SRC Pt 2

Saratoga Retirement members hear from Explorer Tsing, who first describes and then demonstrates a pair of Mighty Sight glasses with special lenses and embedded LED lights which she finds handy for reading.



Exercise Brainstorming @ Stanford

Explorer Helen speaks about her participation in a recent project with a group of Stanford University engineering design division students.



Do You Work or Volunteer? Tell Us Why.

The Explorer group is asked to give a short summary of what they do for work or volunteering, and why.



Hand Tremor: Obstacle to Charging "Devices"

A family friend is having problems keeping his iPad charged as he has recently developed hand tremors and is unable to plug in the power cable.



More Intergenerational Interaction?

San Francisco Explorers are asked for ideas about how to promote interactions between the generations. 



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