Putting Older Adults at the Center of Technology Conversations

By: the Editorial Team.  Updated: April 28, 2020.


Interview: The Longevity Explorers

Richard Caro was interviewed recently by Dr. Leslie Kernisan for her podcast: "Better Health While Aging".

The interview is a good overview of the Longevity Explorer initiative, and covers:

  • Why Richard and his colleagues decided to start these peer-to-peer technology conversations among older adults;
  • The types of technologies and challenges that older adults have brought up;
  • What some Longevity Explorers thought of Alexa and other technologies;
  • Why innovators and businesses should tap into the insights of older adults;
  • The importance of purpose and engagement in late life;
  • How to find or start a Longevity Explorers group in your area;
  • Tech-Enhanced Life’s recent work on helping companies co-design with older adults, and now also family caregivers.




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