An Internet Enabled Life

Tech-enhanced Life Community

Having used technology all my working life, and now being retired, I notice that many of my peers are missing out on some of the benefits that come with appropriate use of the latest technology.

In this first of a series of articles, I start by just describing my Internet-enabled life. In other parts of the series, we offer essays describing a myriad of ways the Internet can enrich your day. I want to get you “hooked” to the Internet.

Technology: Using It, Choosing It, Finding Support

Using Technology, Finding Technology Support: Senior Perspective

  A big focus of Tech-enhanced Life’s work is finding ways technology-based products can improve the quality of life for all of as we age. But often, for those products to be useful, older adults need to make some changes to their way of life and learn new things. Sometimes, people need some help and … Read more

Best Video Call Technology

Now that we are all “sheltering in place”, finding ways to interact virtually with people from our homes has rocketed up people’s priority list. We have had quite a few emails now from people wanting to know the best way to have video calls with their family and friends. Here are some thoughts to help … Read more

Amazon Echo Show: Older Adults Explore

Alexa Calls, with Amazon Echo Show

  Our Longevity Explorers have been testing the Amazon Echo Show and exploring its capabilities.   With the ability to make phone calls and video calls on request, Alexa and the Amazon Echo Show have added important capabilities since our community of older adults (the Longevity Explorers) first explored Alexa back in 2017. Learn what these … Read more

Amazon Echo and Alexa for the Elderly

Amazon Echo (Alexa) for seniors and the elderly, brainstorming session by older adults

  The older adults in our explorer groups have recently become interested in a relatively new product: the Amazon Echo and its artificial intelligence Alexa. Here they explore Amazon Echo for the Elderly.   Amazon Echo & Alexa: What Older Adults Think Our community of older adult Longevity Explorers has had a number of group discussions about … Read more