Archive: Medical Alert Research (Historical)

This section contains original research and reviews we have done in the past on medical alerts. We are keeping this material live because some of the methodology continues to be relevant. However we are not updating this material and some of it is out of date. Please read this for reference but beware of specific … Read more

Medical Alert Systems: Selection Guide

Medical Alert Selection Guide

Welcome to the Tech-enhanced Life guide to medical alert systems & services for older adults. (These products are also known as personal emergency response systems, or PERS.) This guide is designed to help you answer the question: “Which medical alert system is right for me?”   If you are looking for independent, objective evaluations of … Read more

About Medical Alert Systems: Learning Module

Medical Alert System Explanations and Learning Module

  Medical Alert Systems are conceptually simple. You press a button and help comes.   But when it comes down to choosing one, it turns out there are quite a few subtleties that one needs to take into account to be sure of choosing the best medical alert for a given person. This site includes various reviews … Read more

Seminar 3: Which Medical Alert? And Who Needs One?

Which Medical Alert

This is the third in our seminar series on Aging in Place Technology and Tools to Live Independently for Longer.   View and Listen to the Seminar     Abstract Medical Alerts are well known “safety” devices. However there are many different types, and there are very few resources to help decide which type is … Read more

Best Fall Detection Watch: Hands-on Evaluation

Fall Detection Watches

Caption: L: Apple Watch + FallCall Lite App;     R: Unaliwear Kanega Watch.   With a number of fall detection watches now available, many older adults and their families are wondering about getting a smart watch with fall detection instead of a more conventional medical alert pendant — or just as an added safety tool … Read more

Medical Guardian, Mini Guardian

Medical Guardian, Mini Guardian

This is a go anywhere mobile alert with fall detection. It is included in our comparative evaluation of mobile medical alerts. This product was a new entrant to the field in 2020. It is quite similar to its “companion product”, the Medical Guardian, Active Guardian in terms of the basic features. However it is smaller and lighter.

HandsFree Health, WellBe Medical Alert

WellBe medical Alert Plus

The WellBe Medical Alert PLUS incorporates the key features of a conventional medical alert into the format of a watch — and includes several smartwatch features as well.

Best Medical Alert Systems with GPS

  At Tech-enhanced Life, our community of technologists, Longevity Explorers, and children of aging parents have been conducting hands-on, comparative evaluation of a wide variety of different medical alert products for years. In this article we dive into a specific sub-category of medical alerts: medical alert systems with gps — with the goal of helping people choose the … Read more

Theora Care, Theora Connect

Theora Connect watch

The Theora Connect is a smartwatch designed to be used by older adults — especially those with mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

UnaliWear, Kanega Watch

Kanega Watch

The UnaliWear Kanega Watch incorporates the key features of a conventional medical alert into the format of a watch — and tells the time. Unusually for a medical alert watch, it also includes a fall detection algorithm.