Useful Apps: Older Adults, Seniors & Boomers

Useful Apps for Seniors and Boomers

This is the homepage for Tech-enhanced Life's Curated Collection of Useful Apps for Older Adults, Seniors & Boomers.

We believe that smartphone Apps have huge potential to improve the quality of life of older adults. But most Apps are developed for 20 year olds, and are not necessarily ideal for older adults. We have a research initiative devoted to finding useful apps for older adults, and evaluating them. We collect the results of our research on this "topic hub" page.

If you want to learn more about our work, you can read about our Apps for Older Adults Research Initiative and the Useful Apps Club.


Browse the results of our Useful Apps for Older Adults initiative below.



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Pill Reminder Apps we eliminated

Pill Reminder Apps we Ruled Out

List of pill reminder apps we evaluated and ruled out as either being too simplistic, or lacking in an important functionality.



How to use Medisafe

How to Use the Medisafe App

This Useful Apps Club lesson shows you how to setup and use the Medisafe App to take your medication on time, and more.



Best Rideshare App

Rideshare App Comparison

We set out to find the best rideshare App for older adults. Our comparison includes Uber, Lyft, and comments about the taxi App Flywheel.



Ideas for Apps for Seniors

At a conference organized by San Francisco's Institute on Aging, I ran an interactive "exploration", in which we asked attendees to vote on "Senior Apps they Like", or to submit ideas they have for "There should be an App for that". We got quite a few interesting ideas, and this article reports the results of the session.



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Last Updated: April 23, 2020.