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What do we think of Alexa and similar products

Explorers show interest in the Amazon Echo ("Alexa") and similar voice-based interactive technology which can serve the user, and is actually a type of robot.
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Hairdressing Station for Older Adults: Invention Needed

An Explorer from Pasadena Village writes in to say that her hairdresser has observed that many older adults have difficulty using the hair washing sink in hair salons. We discuss the topic and define what the problem is in some detail.
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Where is the Affordable Urban Housing for Older Adults?

This Explorer frames the issue of finding housing in the area that is within her means.
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New Lively Alert Looks Promising

Several explorers have asked about the new Lively Medical Alert just introduced by GreatCall. We all discuss why it looks promising and agree we need to try it out.
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What Matters Most as our World Constricts? (2)

The Commonwealth Club explorer circle tackles the topic: What Matters Most, as it becomes harder to get out of the house?
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Fall-related products we do and don't like

This circle tackles a topic relating to falls, and products that do and do not work.
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Aging.gov, HHS, aging resources and services
Aging.gov is the US Department of Health and Human Services website which is a compendium of resources for finding programs, literature, services, and even laws and regulations pertaining to human aging.


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