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Analysis & Exploration: Medication

Medication Management Systems: Which?

"Good" medication management is widely believed to be desirable, by older adults as well as by clinicians. This article is about what factors make medication management systems useful for a given person, and outlines a series of circumstances for which specific features of these products can be helpful. Think of this as a "how to get started" guide to the topic of medication management systems.



Explorer Discussions: Medication

Pill Holders @ SF

SF Longevity Explorers discuss the pros and cons of a variety of pill holders. .........Read more

A Guided Exploration of Pill Management Methods

SF Village explorers join in a guided exploration of five key questions about how they organize and manage their pills (prescriptions and dietary suppliments). .........Read more

Tochie @ Passavant

The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate "Tochie": an AI device. .........Read more

What I do about pill organization and consistent maintenance.

I would like to share what I do about pill organization and consistent maintenance.

I started out using the "day of the week" organizers pictured, which are sold in drugstores. That worked for a while, but I found that my memory of what medicines I take began fading because each pill was... ....... Read more

Timer Pill Caps @ SRC

The Saratoga Retirement Community Explorer group is introduced to a new device in pill management: Pill bottles with caps that keep the elapsed time since the bottle was last opened. .........Read more

Pill Bottle Timer Caps @SF

The group examines pill container caps (TimerCap) that mark the elapsed time since it was last opened. Samples of the timer caps on pill containers are passed around the group for comments. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Medication (shared by our Explorers)

Smart Family Medication Dispenser

Smart Family Medication Dispenser

The Smart Family Medication Dispenser by Total Linked Care is designed to maintain adherence to a medication regimen by reminding, dispensing, and following up with compliance reporting to selected individuals.

Dose Health

Dose Health

Dose Health offers the Dose Flip medication management device that is intended to help organize and dispense medicine with reminders and optional alerts to designated others by text or call if a dose is missed. 

Tricella Pillbox

Tricella Pillbox

The Smart Pillbox by Tricella is designed to detect if a dose of medication has been forgotten, and to alert the user as well as a friend or family member, as well.

Pria: Home Care Companion

Pria: Home Care Companion

Pria is a voice activated robot intended to manage medications as well as provide health and wellness information via the Internet and an app.

Dr Poket Medication Reminder App

The Dr Poket Android app is intended, among other things, to be a reminder to the user to take the right medications at the right time, and to notify designated persons if they are not taken.

Pill Monitor

Pill Monitor

Pill Monitor is an iOS app designed by Maxwell Software to remind the user to take the entered pills on time.


CompuMed is a countertop device to store and dispense medications at pre programmed times, with alerts.

eNNOVEA Pill Planner

The eNNOVIA 14-Day Pill Planner is designed to improve medication adherence through organization of daily doses in a countertop dispenser.

GMS Automated Pill Dispenser

GMS makes this automated pill dispenser with multiple features designed to support medication regimen adherence.


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