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Avoiding falls is one of the key determinants of health in the elderly

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Analysis & Exploration: Falls

The Best Fall Prevention Program

Concerned about Falls? This article is designed to help you decide which (if any) is the best Fall Prevention Program for you. And to help you choose between the Fall Prevention programs available in your town, state and country.
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Fall Prevention Exercises for Seniors

We look at different options for the fall prevention exercises component of a fall prevention program, and how to decide which "exercises for seniors" program would work best to reduce your fall risk, in this second part of our work on choosing the right fall...
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Fall proofing ME: What Can I Do?

The media is awash with stories about older adults falling and hurting themselves, and these reports usually mention that one in three of those over 65 will fall each year. This article is about what you can do to make falls less likely.
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Am I at Risk for Falls?

How do I determine my personal degree of "risk for falls"? Should I worry about falls at all? Do I need to use a cane or a walker? How would I know? We all face these questions as we age.
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Inventor Road Trip

Earlier this month we invited the inventor of a new type of walker to come along to one of the Longevity Collective circle meetings and show the older adults members of our circle the prototype of her invention and get their feedback. It was pretty interesting. This article is about the...
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Fall proofing your house: a checklist

For the older adult worried about falls, one of the most important tasks is to "fall-proof" your house. There are numerous services you can retain to help with this. But how do you know they have done the right things? And, if you are the friend or family of an older adult, how can you do a "...
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Explorer Discussions: Falls

Which Fall Prevention Products Do We Use (SFV)?

The explorers at SF Village talk about fall prevention products they use. There is a long list. Then the discussion shiftss to what, if anything, is wrong with these products.
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Fall Prevention & Exercise: Perspectives of Older Adults (1)

The group fields a question to start the discussion on excercise, balance, and fall prevention.
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Tools for Maintaining Balance as we Age?

Explorer Wells shares his concern with becoming more unsteady as he increases in age, and seeks ways to improve his balance. Explorers have ideas.
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Fall-related products we do and don't like

This circle tackles a topic relating to falls, and products that do and do not work.
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More Grab Bars, Please

Explorer Shirley starts the discussion with the opinion that her living community needs additional grab bars near all of the toilets in the ladies' rooms.
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Vertigo: Symptoms and a Treatment

Explorer Philip reports that despite perfect results on his hearing test, he has a serious problem with balance.
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Useful Products & Resources: Falls (shared by our Explorers)

IndeeLift - Human Floor Lift

IndeeLift, lifts
The IndeeLift device is a portable lift designed to help a fallen person from a sitting position to their feet with or without help.

SilverSpaces - home safety assessment tool

Silver Spaces
SilverSpaces is an assessment tool designed for evaluating the safety and security of the home as we age

SafeWander - for People Who May Fall or Wander

SafeWander is a wandering alert system comprised of a mobile app, a wearable button, and a Wifi gateway device that allows a caregiver to monitor the wearer by smartphone from another room or another location.


Hip-Hope, hip protector airbag belt
Hip-Hope Technologies offers a wearable belt device that offers inflatable attenuation of fall damage to hips.

Walking Health (WalkJoy) Gait Analysis

WalkJoy, gait and balance
WalkHealth is a wearable pair of devices for gait analysis worn on each leg just below the knee.

DIY Vertigo treatment

Treat Vertigo

Now there’s a new do-it-yourself way to treat the most common form of vertigo.


AgeWell Biometrics - Fall Risk Assessment

AgeWell Biometrics - fall risk assessment
App determines fall risk

Active Protective - Smart Garments Reduce Injury

Active Protect
Active Protective detects a fall then deploys an airbag to reduce injury.

A Matter of Balance

One of several high quality, multi-factorial fall prevention programs.


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