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Living at home as long as possible as we age

Overcome Today's Challenges. Avoid Tomorrow's.

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Analysis & Exploration: Aging in place

The Power of Community

The power of community: thoughts from a co-housing pioneer.
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What Are My Housing Options as I Age?

Most of us want to age in the place we call home. Whether we live in a home that we own or live in a rented apartment, some day we will doubtless face challenging life circumstances that will beg the question “Should I stay, or should I go?”. Here are the things to consider so you make the right...
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My Plans for Avoiding the Terror of Short Term Memory Loss

My mother has severe short term memory loss.  As her caregiver, I have found that her short term memory impairment has many adverse consequences. My experience with my mother has made me concerned about how I could avoid the horrors that come with short term memory loss when it inevitably hits...
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Fall proofing your house: a checklist

For the older adult worried about falls, one of the most important tasks is to "fall-proof" your house. There are numerous services you can retain to help with this. But how do you know they have done the right things? And, if you are the friend or family of an older adult, how can you do a "...
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Joe Maxwell's Universal Design Kitchen

This article describes a piece of universal design (a kitchen) from 83 yr old designer Joe Maxwell. When you read about Joe's kitchen design below from the 1950's you can't help wondering why we don't see more Universal Design in mainstream products.
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Explorer Discussions: Aging in place

What Matters Most as our World Constricts? (3)

The Saratoga explorer circle tackles the topic: What Matters Most, as it becomes harder to get out of the house?
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What Matters Most as our World Constricts? (2)

The Commonwealth Club explorer circle tackles the topic: What Matters Most, as it becomes harder to get out of the house?
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What Matters Most as Our World Constricts (1)?

This explorer circle tackles the topic: What Matters Most, as it becomes harder to get out of the house?
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Senior Living Alternatives: Compilation

Explorer Geri Spieler presents some research she has done, creating a compilation of retirement lifestyles which are alternatives to the standard Assisted Living setting.
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Family Neighborhood vs Planned Adult Community?

Explorer Deborah starts the discussion with a question about a planned adult community near Santa Rosa, California. Members talk about the pluses and minuses of a planned community vs a family neighborhood.
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Staying involved with children: moving, and "virtual" options

Pluses and minuses of moving near children, or staying in touch virtually.
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Useful Products & Resources: Aging in place (shared by our Explorers)

SilverSpaces - home safety assessment tool

Silver Spaces
SilverSpaces is an assessment tool designed for evaluating the safety and security of the home as we age

Silvernest - Roomates for Seniors

Silvernest, a roommate-matching service for boomers and empty nesters who have space to share.

Envoy - Family Concierge Service

Envoy family concierge, home services
Envoy’s mobile app lets family members or elders find, communicate with and pay for a prescreened family concierge.

At Home with Growing Older (AHWGO)

Photo Credit: AHWGO
From architectural home modifications to personal improvement, Susanne Stadler leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals deeply contemplating the challenges of growing old, and leading a proactive effort to find solutions.

WithMe: The Easy Way to Stay In Touch Every Day

WithMe is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets that provides social connection and support. WithMe is simple, lightweight, and esy to use.

NORC Blueprint

Naturally Occurring Retirement Community, NORC
This website explains NORCs, and explains how they work. NORC is an acronym for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community - a building, neighborhood, or section of a city not originally built for seniors, but where people are aging in place or have moved in to join like-minded others.

Village Movement: AARP Fact Sheet

Village, aging in place, independent living, support organization
This AARP Fact Sheet highlights the origin, growth, benefits, challenges and policy implications of Village organizations which are forming in hundreds of cities in the U.S.

senior housing, housing choices, is an online non-profit guide to mental health and well-being as well as other helpful information including a guide to choosing among senior living options. Since the choices are many, following the assessment checklist can be a real help in narrowing the field of appropriate choices...

Seniors' Guide to Aging at Home Safely and with Dignity

Senior's Guide to Aging at Home
This helpful guide covers fall prevention, home safety, fraud prevention, costs to consider, and what family members need to know.


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